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Column Day



Two new pieces up and ready to be read folks. 

New Puck Daddy: Five things that piss coaches off

New Hockey Primetime: Goal celebration expectations (up this afternoon)


2 Responses to “Column Day”
  1. Frank says:

    great column once again, Justin! It’s always great to hear more of what happens behind the scenes. All that we (The Fans) get to see is a coach blowing up on the bench.

    Column idea….if you have not already touched it…..experiences/stories of annoying fans who shout things at the team while you are on the bench. After sitting in the proximity of the Chicago bench this last weekend and hearing stuff from just 1 game, you must have some funny stories…..

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Dave K says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Or day after at least.

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