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Column: Canucks Can’t Keep Playing Bruins Game



New Puck Daddy: Canucks Can’t Keep Playing Bruins Game (because, y’know….they’ll lose). Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate the support so much.


3 Responses to “Column: Canucks Can’t Keep Playing Bruins Game”
  1. Mark says:

    Could we get a few points for Cory Schneider on the quote board for this doozy?
    “Who cares what (Milbury) thinks,” Schneider said. “If he’d been their general manager, he would have traded them in their first year anyway like he did with everyone else.”
    After Milbury called the Sedins “Thelma and Louise.”

  2. noonan says:

    This is what the Canucks do. They play the other teams game and beat them at it. If you watched the Nashville series, every game was tight, just like the predators play. Canucks have a few different styles and switch up when it requires it.

  3. peanutflower says:

    This final series has turned into an utter mess, and not just because the Bruins won last night. At this point, even after waiting since game 1 40 years ago I’m not sure I even care who wins. Okay, that’s a lie, but the series has completely degenerated into something much less than a hockey game. The first couple of shifts in game 6 were definitely Vancouver-style hockey, and beautiful to watch. The rest after that (late and suspendable) hit on Raymond were just what the Bruins and their fans euphemistically call “old time hockey”. It just ain’t the Canucks’ cup of tea. And they just can’t win — Daniel took 10 — count em — 10 punches to the face last night and he got a penalty. If he had punched back he would have taken a penalty; if he had fallen to the ground he would have received a penalty. How on earth is this a fair situation? I believe my team will win tomorrow, but the lustre is certainly off the prize a little bit, as they have to win it not on their own terms, but playing a pretty ugly game.

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