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Closing The Polls



Cadbury Mini Eggs.  They’re just… I mean…. wow.  Cadbury Mini Eggs folks.  Eat em.



Okay, it was St. Patty’s Day.  Everybody over here on the east coast did the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.  But here’s my contention:  The Irish only ate cabbage because they were broke and starving.  That’s why they came here, there was no damn food in their country.

Paying tribute to the Irish is great, and as I’ve mentioned, I am Irish.  But they fled their land so they could stop eating sour lettuce.  If we like them so much, shouldn’t we serve them steak and a nice salad?  We don’t beat P.O.W.’s on the anniversary of the day they got free.  They were freed from that treatment, so we don’t subject them to it any more.  Just a thought.  Maybe give the Irish Cadbury Mini Eggs?  Did I mention I liked those?

So, the polls have closed.  My next article for The Hockey News is on surviving the locker room.  Have you ever watched Good Will Hunting without the profanity?  It takes away from the show a bit, much like the USA-network-version of the dressing room piece I had to write, but I think I pinned it down fairly well.  That piece will run Friday morning.

(PS, What a great movie.  Morgan O’Malley: “If you were gonna fight ‘em, why didn’t you fight ‘em back there?  We got snacks now!”)

Also, I went to figure out the winner of the cutest stupid animal picture vote I put up months ago (notice I’ve since abandoned the topic.  I was on a lot of drugs at the time), and the results boggle my mind. 

First, because of the 66 people to vote on animals pictures, I’m blown away at how close the voting is.  Second, because the garnish eating rabbit got no votes, and he’s my second fave.  Please settle the debate, once it reaches 100 votes (I get a lot more hits now then I did back then) I’ll declare the winner and make it my facebook profile picture.

Currently leading:



I’m writing a seven part series that looks at the everyday life of a pro hockey player for Max  Much like being a player, I started with training.  Check it out at


4 Responses to “Closing The Polls”
  1. Neil says:

    “We don’t beat P.O.W.’s on the anniversary of the day they got free.”

    lol. Honourable mention for “sour lettuce” :o )

  2. ms.conduct says:

    Oh sweet Buddha! You have a whole blog! The pieces for THN just weren’t enough.

  3. jtbourne says:

    Haha, “oh sweet Buddha”. My next THN piece comes out Friday.

  4. markelliott says:

    Before you make a statement like that you should try Hersey eggies. Their pretty damn good too.

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