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Chrissy Pronger, Ice Edge Approved, Picking A Favourite Team



Great news for blog loyalists – today’s column for Puck Daddy is the Game Six wrap-up, so I can spend my morning couple hours on my own site.  It’s been awhile. 

Just a head’s up - it’s a long one.


It's a fun (sorta sexist?) gag.

ESPN ran the Chrissy Pronger story this morning, which, by the way, I think is hilarious (the story, not them running it).

I was triple-time pumped about the media member who wasn’t intimidated by Pronger’s dismissive “next question” attempts and made him address it.  No, Chris, answer the question.  This is funny, and you apparently think you’re Captain LaughyPants.

AOL Fanhouse’s Chris Botta (who I read daily, BTW, check him out) wrote a bit on the Chicago Tribune forgoing their dignity in running the picture, and how embarrassed guys on the team probably are. 

I dunno about that.

Two thoughts:

1)  It’s just a playful swipe at a playful guy, no?  This whole series has been a give-and-take between Chicago and Philly fans, Pronger and the media.  Can’t it just be funny?

2)  Guys are already trying as hard as they can on the ice.  A silly gag doesn’t provide any extra motivation to work harder or do better.  They’re AT MAX CAPACITY.  Maybe now he’d enjoy beating Chicago more, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt the Blackhawks in Game Six by being a motivator (being  minus five the night before might take care of any extra motivation anyway).

What did you think?


Home of the ARIZONA Coytes...

(Appropriately) Lost in the playoff shuffle yesterday, was the Phoenix Coyotes Ice Edge Holdings getting unanimous approval on a Memorandum of Understanding from Glendale.  All they need to do now is prove that can scrape together the money to buy the team, and they could be locked in here for 25 years!

I couldn’t be more excited about that (just like locals like, TimmyHate, Jordan and zyllyx), and glad I get to ask a hockey question like this:

They’ve mentioned they want to win.  So have they mentioned what they’re willing to spend yearly on players?  That’s kinda key to success here, so are they going to be a team who spends closer to the salary cap or the floor?  I’m worried about that answer….

{Sidebar – I do like “Arizona” Coyotes over “Phoenix”.  Not sure why, but the (symbollic) fresh start will be good.}


Okay, so yesterday’s “off-ice ref” idea didn’t go over so hot with readers, and I like that, you gotta let me know on this stuff.  I’m just spitballin’ here people…

There was an idea I did like – Dave Cunning mentioned using something electronic for offsides calls (more spitballing), but really, I think that idea would be better served at the goal line.  Isn’t there some laser set-up (attached to shark’s heads?) we could put under the goal line to tell when a puck has breached it’s barrier?  I bet we’d see a lot more goals where the puck is lost in the goalie’s gear, but we just can’t see it.  DAMN YOU CHEATING GOALTENDERS.

{I hate when you know the puck is in because the goalie is, but he (wisely) pushes off the back of the net before trying to locate it in his gear.  I get so fired up, like, I just wanna stuff the guy back in there and make him find it before he crawls out.}


If you don’t have a favourite team in a sport, how do you go about picking one?

Oh, and Nicholson.

I have “my team” in three sports – NY Islanders, NY Jets, NY Mets (and the Toronto Blue Jays, actually), but never had much of a preference in a basketball team.  I always liked Phoenix’s offense-first style, and now that I moved here, I figure hey, I’m declaring that my basketball team.

The debate came from this: 

My buddy Charlie has spent the last three or four summers in LA, and never had a basketball team either.  But becoming an out-of-state Lakers fan seems shitty, since it’s like (as I’ve railed on before) being a Dallas Cowboys or New York Yankees fan and being from like, Kansas City.  You look like a front-runner.

But the team suits his personality better than any other club - their team is all about being in the action, being a part of the scene.  They used to be in Minnesota, his home state, and he does call LA home now.  He’s allowed to be a Lakers fan, right?  That’s not being bandwagonny, is it?  Or does he have to be a Timberwolves fan even though they don’t suit his style?


What’s your favourite place to go get your hockey reading?  And don’t say my site, since I say shit like “my cat is already 13 pounds, and he’s not even nine months old!” (which is true, by the way).  I always read Puck Daddy, but was wondering if there’s anything even close to comparable to it somewhere else that I’m missing.  I’ve been poking around looking for new, interesting hockey reading (interesting taking precedence over informative – I learn enough from watching the games), and can’t seem to find much.  Where do you browse?

"I fell off the jetway again."


A hilarious thing about Puck Daddy – if you write about Pronger, people respond.  It doesn’t matter in what fashion, this guy is so polarizing it’s insane.  Yesterday’s Chrissy Pronger bit has like 450 comments.  Not even Pierre McGuire inspires that much hate.

(I want to propose to Wyshynski that all the writers commit one article a month to trying to generate the highest comments.  Like, write something about how great Pronger interviews are, especially when done by Pierre McGuire.  That’d blow the internet up.)


Stephen Strasburg made his MLB debut last night (Merry Strasmas), striking out 14 including seven straight and getting the win.  It’s amazing to come into that much hype and perform, and reminds me so much of Crosby.  I was boggled that he could rise to those levels of expectations and meet them right away, the same as I was with Lebron.  That’s true greatness.


Last but not least, I forgot to include this ages ago, and was asked to by the NHL’s marketing people:

Have you been voting on the NHL’s goal-of-the-year playoffs? 

It’s actually (and I’m not paid to say this) a really neat idea – a bracket style playoff to decide the NHL’s best goal of the 09-10 season.  I’ve been voting, and you should too.  Which was your favourite this year?

Here’s a hint about which one I voted for today:


Alrighty kids, happy Humpday. 


To honor it, here’s a picture of something my Dad gave me as a graduation gift:


 Hmm, cell phone picture sucks, I’ll try to get a real one soon.


61 Responses to “Chrissy Pronger, Ice Edge Approved, Picking A Favourite Team”
  1. Char says:

    //as a general rule across the Human Race men are stronger and have higher pain thresholds than woman. //

    Try giving birth sometime.

  2. neil says:

    I dunno Char, when women give birth it seems like there’s an awful lot of complaining. I feel like I’d just handle that shit, you know?

  3. Richie says:

    BURN neil! That one made me chuckle.

    That Nilsson goal isn’t especially impressive at first till you realise he just made a top NHL team and a solid NHL D-man both look like rec league team, not bad for an Oiler! Just have to vote for Sedin’s between the legs goal though, audacious at NHL level and has the guys I play with near injuring themselves trying to pull it on me. Hilarious until one them scores……..

  4. Char says:

    I’m sure, neil, we would hear nary an F-bomb, right? ;-)

    I always liked Robin Williams’ routine about “sharing the birth experience.” – “Unless you’re passing an eight-pound bowling ball, I don’t think so!”

  5. jtbourne says:

    Haha, honestly Char, I read the “giving birth” comment and kind of rolled my eyes. That’s the “bloggers live in their parents basement” of pain discussions. So, sorry, I love ya, but Neil, FUCK was that funny.

  6. Deirdre says:

    About the ring and cell-phone pictures. The grate is in perfect focus…just take the pic again from about 2″ further away.

    About Chrissy – is anybody really surprised when a newspaper does something to generate sales? I mean seriously, it’s like when TV stations say they didn’t do something for the ratings. Of COURSE they did it for the ratings – it’s what your entire business model is based on. I just wish they’d done a better job on the photo shopping…it looks like he’s got a 5′ torso :-P

    I adore Briere’s quote about the gwg “That can’t be it. You can’t win a Stanley Cup when you aren’t sure if you won it or not.” Classic.

  7. Char says:

    Just speaking from experience, Justin. I’ve had migraines my whole life, suffered a concussion playing field hockey, broken a couple of bones, and had my gallbladder out. NOTHING comes close to giving birth. Without drugs. It would be quite instructive for every man who says “men who have higher pain threshholds than women” to experience it for oh, about two minutes.

  8. Dawn says:

    Glad you mentioned Strasburg and Crosby in the same context. My first thought re his debut was the amazing parallel between him and Sid, since the Nats need a bigger-than-life guy now like the Pens did a few years back. He seems to have all the right personality traits to carry this off. It’s SO much more than athletic talent.

    As a former Phoenician ( oh well, Peoria) I hope it all goes right for the Coyotes, too. They sure deserve it. But I still like the way ” Phoenix Coyotes” sounds, better than “Arizona Coyotes”…. and also, what if Tucson, or Flagstaff, or…uh…Sedona get teams???? Wait…you don’t think it could happen?

    Enjoy the summer, JT. Sorry you aren’t here in San Diego….

  9. Claire says:

    Forget the giving birth argument with regard to pain, just clamp their testicles in a vice & have their urethra scraped once a year & and see if men could handle that, yeah, that’s a mammogram & a pap smear.

  10. jtbourne says:

    Testicles in a vi— what is wrong with you people? I don’t even know what to say aside from putting the kibosh on any further comments in this thread.

  11. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I think it best that men remain in the dark about what we go through in our anuual physicals. Just smile sweetly at them when they complain about the old “turn your head and cough” exam.

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