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Chad Brownlee’s Album, and My Writing Schedule



As I’ve been twitter-plugging all morning, Chad Brownlee’s album comes out today (  If you’re new to the blog, I’ve written about Chad before

Downtown Browntown.

Quick refresher:  We were junior teammates for two full seasons, we’re both from Kelowna, BC, and just in general, buddies.  He got drafted by the Vancouver Canucks, was named the captain of his WCHA hockey team (Minnesota State @Mankato, with David Backes/Ryan Carter etc.), then turned pro. 

As nagging injuries started to wear him down, his other gift – check that, gifts – took him in a different direction.  He shut down hockey and committed to music, and here he is today.  A year or two after making the transition the kid had a single on Canada’s country music chart (top 20, I think?).

Anyway, give him a listen at the very least, and hey, feel free to support not only a talented kid who writes/plays/sings quality country music (a feat in itself), but is also just an all-around good guy.  There’s not a whole ton of those around.  DO IT NOW OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAKE YOU LISTEN TO ACHEY BREAKY HEART.  (Buy his stuff on iTunes)

Random sidenote: I love the pic of him that’s on the front page of Bourne’s Blog, all in a barn with rusted chains ‘n’ stuff.  So country.  ….Except we grew up in nice, suburban Kelowna.


Okayyyy, so it doth appear my NHL season schedule is finalized, and guess what?  I have a column out every day!  Suck on that, thin hopes of having a social life.

Here’s my schedule:

Mondays: Alternating weeks, my Monday column will be written for USA Today, or The Hockey News.   Baaack and forth, all year long.

Tuesdays: Puck Daddy.

Wednesdays: Hockey Primetime

Thursdays: Puck Daddy

Friday: Puck Daddy.

While I love and respect all of my outlets, as you can tell, Puck Daddy will sort of be my home this year.  Two of those columns each month will be with interviews with current or past NHLers, and one of those monthly entries will be a video.  I’m hoping to two-birds-one-stone the interview/video once by drinking at a bar with @BizNasty2point0.  He seems fun.

The blog will live on – I’ll provide links to that day’s article, and write all the nonsense stuff and curse words that are cathartic to get out. 

I’ll also be doing a lot more radio.  While I don’t have dates/times pinned down yet, it sounds like I’ll be a weekly guest on Kelly Hrudey’s show, then occasionally on wherever need be, like this past year.  I’ll try to do a better job of letting people know where/when/how they can listen.  If you don’t have it, TWITTER WOULD HELP YOU GET INSTANT INFO LIKE THAT.  So, yeah, um, do that.

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all of you who supported me throughout this past season and made my blog such a success.  I now have a GD career because of all of you, and for that, I’m forever indebted.  And also for that, I reward you with a short video of my cat – not at his cutest, but havin’ a scrap with his old man.

Keep in mind, this cat is a kitten – 11 months old, and already at the top of the “your full-grown Scottish Fold/American Shorthair cat should weigh between 8 and 15 pounds” chart, with a year of “filling out” to go.


 Short one today!  Back at ‘er tomorrow, and I’ll letcha know when the Puck Daddy gig begins as soon as I know.  You can read my latest piece for Hockey Primetime here, on how twitter may just create even duller superstars (if you can fathom it).

And now, just to balance the country music in the post, here’s the latest Big Boi single.  I wanted to run “Tangerine”, but it’s kinda filthy, sooo… SHUTTERBUGG!


15 Responses to “Chad Brownlee’s Album, and My Writing Schedule”
  1. Trevor says:

    Congrats on the new gigs. Well deserved as this is easily one of my favorite blogs (behind DownGoesBrown, sorry, have to be honest).

    What radio station is Hrudey’s show on?

  2. crushasaurus says:

    Keep climbing the ladder, JB. If you look down, and focus closely enough… yep, yep that’s me right there. On your coattails.

  3. ann says:

    WTG Justin! Your blog & PD are the only two real must-reads for me everyday…

    I hate that my office blocks videos. I could really use a dose of cute animal video today and I have to wait until I leave here….

    As for your buddy Chad, I saw him at the Big Valley Jamboree in Alberta in late July and he was very good. I’m anxiously waiting for his cd to show up in the mail…

    Please don’t subject anyone to Achy Breaky Heart. That’s just MEAN.

  4. Sherry says:

    That writing sched is awesome Justin – and O. M. G. it’s *almost* Sept – time for hockey training camps and football that matters!

    I’ll be sharing today’s blog entry with folks so all who are interested can keep track of you (and we’ve been thinking about increasing our country music cache anyway…).

    And thanks too, for pursuing your other gifts after shutting down your hockey (playing) career, thus giving us some really fine stuff to read. Godspeed man.

  5. ms.conduct says:

    Kittyyyyyyyy… hahahaha…. awww

    ^ did I do that right?

    Grats on the PD gig. And I’m jealous you get to hang with Kelly Hrudey. Like… really jealous. I like him. A lot. Get him tweeting more, will ya?

  6. JIllian says:

    Fun kitty video! Congrats on heading up the journalistic ladder!

  7. nightfly says:

    “OK – welcome back to the Kelly Hrudey Show. Joining me today is hockey blogger Justin Bourne. Welcome, Justin!”

    Thanks… I just want to say, big fan of yours.

    “Thanks, man.”

    Hey – remember the Easter Epic, when you made, like, seventy saves?

    “Yes I do. I’m still tired!”

    Hahahaha, yeah…. man, that was awesome.


  8. rouven from germany says:

    wooohooo! jb at puck daddy thrice a week. now THAT’s great news!

  9. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Congrats, JB.

    I, too, am in the market for a J. O. B.

    Alas, I am a writer with no college/pro experience, so I have to do the old fashioned way. You know, get a gig that pays pittance, get laid off, get another poorly paying gig, get laid off…

    On the up side, I remember the beginning of this blog. I loved it (still do). I thought to my self, “Self, here’s how you connect with readers. Self deprecating yet informative and (mostly) professional. Self, with a degree and some more writing, you can do this.”

    Now I’m a college grad with up-and-coming loan payments and a “almost” $9/hr. job offer.

  10. Karen From Rochester says:

    ok…I printed the blog today so I can keep track of the publication schedule..bought the Chad Brownlee album on ITunes (couldn’t stand the thought of being subjected to Achy Breaky. I already get tortured with Hannah Montana at my house!) …watched the kitty vid…cute, very cute!…tried to watch the Big Boi vid…sorry can’t stand rap. Let’s see.. what else? Oh… yeah!! Congratulations on the new assignments and thank you so much for all the lunchtime laughs you’ve given me for the last few months, plus the kitty pics and all the “insider” information that you can’t get elsewhere. I guess I’m gonna have to break down and sign up for Twitter. And I”m glad you are gonna keep the blog going! : O ) P.S.-please don’t let your editors turn you into a boring vanilla hockey writer! They gotta let the personality come through.

  11. Fish says:

    Honestly, if your blog wasn’t just a good, fun, informative read, we wouldn’t still be here to support it. You did it by doing a great job. but thanks for thanking us :) You’re very welcome :p

    Not buying country music, listening to achie breakie heart right now. Prefer it muchos… :p

  12. Sandwiches1123 says:

    Good work. I will be looking forward to your posts throughout the year. You, PD, DGB, and BoF have kept me alive in the offseason. Well, you guys as well as Rushin and Simmons.

  13. Oarboar says:

    Glad to see you’ll be a regular on Puck Daddy, which is where I found you. It’ll be good to watch you drive the Cheetos eaters still living in their mothers’ basements crazy.

    New rule of life: If it ticks off Cheetos eaters still living in their mother’s basements, 99 percent of the time it’s a wonderful, beautiful thing and most likely represents a huge step forward for humanity.

  14. SDC says:

    new fire from Big Boi!

  15. Meg Jarrell says:

    Glad to see you getting some much deserved exposure! Just don’t let anyone else know about Tyson….he’s cooler than you and could very well take your job.

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