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Capitalizing at Home



One game tonight?  What is this, the third round?

It’s okay… I’m talking myself through it.  Maybe I could watch a basketball game after… or, I suppose I could get a life and leave my house on a Friday night.  Or,  just watch a basketball game.  Yeah, I’ll do that.

(2) Caps / (7) Rangers tonight folks.  Do or die time for the Washington Funtowatchitals.  Back into that crazy sea of red.

Lundqvist is going to have to come up big  for the Rangers tonight or it could be a beat down.  A desperate young team, back at home, playing with their backs against the wall… I think we might see a little pace outta the Ovi-led Caps.  All they need is Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky (I think that’s his name) to play well in net tonight and they’ll be fine.


I’m up to 3-0 in my playoff predictions, but it’s looking like a series other than the Caps one is in serious jeopardy.  The (1) San Jose Sharks are on the verge of having to answer a whole host of awkward questions I’m sure they don’t feel like answering, questions along the line of “What the f*** was that?”

I really do think Anaheim has put together a nice little playoff squad over there, but that’s not supposed to matter.  Breaking news San Jose, you’re the Presidents Trophy winner.  You’ve got a nice little squad too.  I was really hoping for better for Thornton, he seems like one of the good guys.  But you know what they say.  Nice guys finish first, but only until playoffs.


I’m gonna do a little 180 here and ask a few non-hockey questions, because apparently there’s an entire world happening off the ice.  But they’re still about sports.  Let’s not get too crazy.


- Isn’t saying Bocci-ball a bit redundant?  “Bocci” is pretty self-explanatory, really.  There’s not much chance of us playing Bocci fork, or Bocci wheels, is there?


- How tragic is John Madden retiring?  You know you had the career of a legend when people reflect on it, and they realize you managed to trademark words like “Boom!” and “Turduchen”, while gambling websites offered less than one to one odds that you would make more than three food references during any given telecast.


- Doesn’t it suck that TCIKG  (The Completely Insane Kevin Garnett, as labelled by Bill Simmons) is missing the post-season for the Celtics?  You know you’re a guy teetering on the brink of madness when PTI sets the over/under at three for ”how many on-camera profanities will viewers at home be able to discern from Garnetts mouth”


- Have Alaskans officially crossed the line to  crazy?  Occasionally I get invited to join a group on Facebook called “conceal and carry on campus” for Alaskans, a state of people who are already allowed to be packing heat in their belt, and would like to be able to do it on University Campuses as well.  …yeah… I see nothing wrong with that.


- Why does Bill Simmons have to love basketball so much?  The guy’s writing makes me laugh everytime, even when it’s about a sport I don’t pay a ton of attention to.  My favourite recent explanation of his was that it’s easy to tell that someone is an a-hole if someone describes a person by using their own name. 

“How’re things working out with Bill lately?”

“Well, you know, Bill is Bill.  He’s gonna do his thing…”


Alrighty folks.  My next piece for THN was just sent in, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Also, The Hockey News just sent me five copies of their April 26 magazine, the first one I’ve had an actual print article in.  So that was kinda neat. 

Also, the lady and I have recently set our sights on Scottsdale (or Glendale) for a home.  She got a nice job offer, and I’ve got a meeting with the Coyotes marketing guy Monday (assuming the Coyotes don’t move).  And hey, who out there isn’t aching for an increase in Coyotes coverage ;)

Tune in to TSN tonight so you can catch the Caps thumping the Rangers!


6 Responses to “Capitalizing at Home”
  1. Travelchic59 says:

    Loving your perspective on the hockey playoffs.

    One another note, now is a good time to hit the Scottsdale/Glendale area. They are practically giving houses away in Arizona. It’s been one of the places in the country worst hit by the housing crisis. Maybe the timing will be right for you and Bri to get a really great house for next to nothing.

  2. Kate says:

    As a Sharks fan, I think the real question is: “Guys, are you TRYING to break my heart?”

  3. Jake says:

    You’re the coolest.

  4. mike says:

    The ADN had an article prefaced today on their website about carrying concealed weapons on campus at UAA. The 40 something student felt nervous without his .45 by his side…hey fella neither did Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp. Maybe you could meet up with them after class for a quick showdown or something…seriously.

  5. jtbourne says:


  6. JD says:

    The Sharks are crushing me right now. I actually picked them to win the Cup (yikes). I have come to the defense of Jumbo Joe lots over the last couple years and I was really hoping he would prove me right this year, but honestly – wow. To quote Joe Willy Namath, the guy is strug-a-ling. Just looks lathargic and nervous and uncomfortable – basically looks the opposite of Getzlaf. Joe is such a skilled guy but definately is most effective due to his ability to slow the game down to a pace he likes, and maybe that’s just not possible in the playoffs. But beyond that it’s utterly befuddling how a team whose second line includes Erik Christansen and Andrew Ebbett is up 3-1 on the President’s Trophy winner.

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