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Canucks/Blackhawks – Game One



Thoughts, notes, and unqualified opinions from a relatively-qualified source:

What’s with the end of the Canucks anthem?  They’ve got that whole epic people-united thing, then the guy caps it off by intentionally missing a half-dozen notes?  Awesome trademark man.


Puck drops and gets pushed deep in Vancouver’s zone to start the game, and the first guy that could finish his check in the series for the Hawks didn’t?  I’m curious about the thought process on that one.  Isn’t the first line of the first game trying to set the tone in the first period?  Haven’t you switched the dial from “stun” to “kill” yet?


How about me touting Jonathan Toews’ “just play the game” attitude, and early in this game, he does exactly what I discouraged in my latest HockeyNews blog.  He comes at Willie Mitchell, acts angry and skates at him – weird, there’s a linesman between us -  Then, in a telling turn of events, the ref gets out of the lane and Toews could get to Mitchell, but opts not to.  Smart play.


Wellwood – your eye is black, you got cut on the forehead with a high stick… WEAR A G.D. VISOR!


As I start watching the slightly delayed (thank you DVR) 2nd period, I have to note something.  I just watched the fourth quarter of the Celtics/Bulls game (also recorded), and that series has easily become the all-time-best first round playoff (basketball) series I’ve ever watched.  I’ve got it paused before overtime so I could get back to the hockey, with a glass of wine at my side.  Oh, April… once again, you’ve outdone yourself.


Jim Hughson, after Seabrook bombs a one-T over the net: “thank goodness that didn’t hit anyone” … – ain’t that the truth.  Two shots from my puck-related pics file:



Props to my Dad for predicting how this game would go so far – Guys like Wellwood and Kesler chipping in, and that Van would jump out to a good start, despite the run-of-the-mill “rust” predictions the rest of the pundits were spouting.


Upon further review, maybe Wellwood should wear a cage.


3-0 after two.  Canucks fans would be planning the parade, if they weren’t the most cynical, jaded group of fans with hearts of scar tissue.  Its okay to love again guys… let the ’09 squad in…


I know the PGA has gone with the slogan “these guys are good”, but Kane snapped that wrister in a softball sized pocket, elbow joint and in.  These guys are good.


Okay, um, I set my computer down to soak in that period.

Two good things for Canucks fans:  You got the win, and you clearly looked like the better team.

One bad thing: The Blackhawks were virtual no-shows tonight and managed to come back from a 3-0  deficit to tie it up with under six minutes left.

I have to imagine it’s easy to feel comfortable when you’re up three with Luongo in net, so I’m not that mad at ‘em.  As much drama as the media will pull from this (and as much as the NHL is beside itself), tonights game was probably just the case of a good team getting comfortable in their big lead at home.

(Hawks…  The transition for the Canucks game-winning 4 on 1 wasn’t even quick!  What the F was everyone doing?)

In conclusion?  Game one was everything it was advertised to be (“They’re gonna beat the Hawks in a nail-biter of a series, one full of emerging stars and ticket-selling drama”) – and the Canucks got the big ‘ol W. 

Sleep easy Canuckleheads.


4 Responses to “Canucks/Blackhawks – Game One”
  1. megkath says:

    And they tie it up. Oh boy, this series is going to be interesting

  2. gccwong says:

    canuckleheads better sharpen up, pronto.

  3. Neil says:

    So true about the scar tissue….

    Don Cherry called it: when they put Wellwood on waivers because of “conditioning problems” Cherry cited the broken foot and previous injuries as the only problem and asked “what, does he have a fat foot?”. 1 million dollar gamble (Marc Chouinard, anyone?), one missed opportunity for anyone in the league to grab him, and there he is getting stroked by Grapes in the playoffs. Love it!

    Do you think Anaheim will try to bloody up Detroit or will they go pure skill game?

  4. ann says:

    “(Hawks… The transition for the Canucks game-winning 4 on 1 wasn’t even quick! What the F was everyone doing?)”

    AAH!!!!!! Tell me about it – I was yelling that at my TV (along with some other words I shouldn’t write here)… Thankfully, no one else was around to witness me talking to an inanimate object, like the guys in Vancouver could hear me from my seat in front of it.

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