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Canadian Hockey Rap. Sad. Funny. AWESOME.



I’ve decided it’s ridiculous that when I add stuff to my blog during the day, I add to the bottom of that current day’s entry.  Nobody ever checks back to see the same blog.  I always just liked how neat and orderly it kept things, one entry a day.  Fuggit.  I’ma start adding new stuff as it’s own entry, because apparently that Deadspin model is somewhat effective.

Here’s what I wanted to add to today’s blog.  It’s amazing that I fit the exact criteria of someone who would love this unhealthy amounts – a Canadian rap fan who follows hockey.  Down Goes Brown rules. He really, really does:


11 Responses to “Canadian Hockey Rap. Sad. Funny. AWESOME.”
  1. mikey says:

    omg is that funny …. i luv the sid low blow to the nuts

  2. MikeB says:

    Finnish… It can mean so many things.

  3. lazydaisies4u says:

    Simply amazing.

  4. Aces Arbitrage says:

    Someone needs to take a puck to JR’s teeth before he has to go on camera again.

  5. Jbrown says:

    Holy shit. Next thing I know you’ll be adding a scoop of regular coffee into the decaf.

  6. brian says:

    Geez, I guess we really are stacked!

    Thanks for sharing!
    That was definitely worth stopping by to see.

  7. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Weaker than Kane’s chest… Awesome.

  8. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Forgot to add… I check back a couple times a day to see if you added, and to check others’ comments. Hmm…

  9. Firestorm says:

    @Gopher: I recommend the RSS Feed for posts and comments. Every new item that gets added arrives in your email inbox. Keeps you up-to-the-minute current and saves you from blind-checking the site.

  10. Madeleine says:

    Is it bad that I want to see the real guys do this?


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