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Bruins Deserved to Win The Cup



New Puck Daddy: Why Boston was the best team in the Final and deserved to win the Cup


Apologies if any of you received a spammy email from me about needing money to be shipped to London or whatever – I’ve been hacked. And, now shit is wonky here too now. Just had a whole post deleted here, somehow, and I’m going to effng snap.

Please enjoy my happy fun times column, if I don’t re-write the post, well, I’m sorry.

Tomorrow’s the start of my bachelor party! I will be writing for Puck Daddy as usual in the morning though, so be sure to stop by for that.


7 Responses to “Bruins Deserved to Win The Cup”
  1. vx inTN says:

    Apparantly the Hockey Gods HATE Diving.

  2. Sherry says:

    You know, I was looking at this site late Tues night (here in CA – around midnight I guess) and for some reason the site wouldn’t load. I’ll bet that’s when you began having issues. How annoying! You don’t suppose the hack is the result of a disgruntled commentor, do you? Being paranoid I guess…

    Anyway, on to happier subjects. How about them Bruins? Good piece on them at PD today. They so deserved it and yes, seemed in control of the series much before the drop of the puck in Game 7 (although that didn’t keep my heart from pounding thru much of the game). Sure seemed as tho’ those Hockey Gods were making a statement last night.

    Have fun at your bachelor party – sounds like it should be a great time! If you have a chance, be sure and check out El Pollo Inka in Hermosa Beach – you won’t regret it. Seco de Cordero is my fave, also the Saltado of anything is good, and if you like *really* spicy the Picante de Pollo is awesome (they will tell you when you order it that it is very hot). Also the Anticuchos with a really spicy green sauce – yum.

    Safe travels (or are you already there?) and cheers!

  3. Derek says:

    That really sucks about the hacking. I got a couple of those from you, was all set to make a joke on Twitter and everything. Got to work and saw that pretty much every joke had been taken, including the joke about every joke having been made. That really sucks though dude.

    I agree with your thoughts on Boston being the better team this series. Boston played the way they play and Vancouver got knocked off their game. Vancouver doesn’t have the personnel to play that way and that made the “better” team worse in this series.

    Enjoy your bachelor party!

  4. Karen From Rochester says:

    I. hate. computers. and cars too! every time something goes wrong with one of those, I know I’m gonna be paying someone big bucks to fix them.

  5. vx inTN says:

    OK, you prob dont rem but some months ago I was whining about the deterioration of reffing quality over the last couple of years. Apparantly Kerry Fraser (one of my fav refs of all times, King Clancy being The Best) agrees with me::

    “…Ever since Hockey Operations took control of the Officiating Department the mentoring and coaching of officials began to deteriorate…”

    I dont know the answer, but the game is suffering for it.

  6. T Bourne says:

    It does not matter if the Bruins deserved to win the cup!! Or not…they won, and that is no longer a wish for Bruin fans…it is a fact!
    Vancouver did not win…that is also a fact!

  7. T Bourne says:

    Justin…I no longer do the paypal thing…last time I did that I had to bail you out of of London!
    A mailing address would be just fine for me. Thanks…Tim

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