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The Bourne’s Blog Fantasy Hockey League


 *Crappy news people – the BBFHL is already full-up at 20.  Next year, we’re gonna have to some sort of contest to be a part of the league.  Top three this year will definitely earn their spot back!

Okay, the Bourne’s Blog Fantasy Hockey League is going down, I just looked into it.

A couple questions, for those of you who said you’d sign up:

Do we want a “Head-to-Head” league, “Points” league, or a ”Rotisserie” league?


The differences:

Head to Head: versus one team “manager” in particular, with a point awarded for each statistical category won that week versus your opponent (goals, assists, plus/minus, etc.)

Points: a season-long system that awards three points for a goal, two for an assist, one for plus/minus, 0.4 for a shot etc.

Rotisserie: teams are ranked in every category (goals, assists, etc.), with points being awarded based on where you sit in the league in that particular category.  This is done for all seven categories, and an overall leader emerges from that.


They all sound good to me, but I think Head-to-Head makes for better verbal abuse potential (when playing for no-money, the only real motivator).  Also, I think the Rotisserie thing sounds neat; in reality, it’s probably the most fair way to figure out who’s doing the overall best, but it may not be as fun.  I could see myself losing interest in the “Points” system by about November when six of my 15 guys are hurt and four are Islanders.

It’s gonna be the BBHL – Bourne’s Blog Hockey League.  There’s really only two other things to decide, and then I’ll create the league (I started to this morning, but needed some consensus opinions). 

One:  What day is the best day for a live, online draft for everyone?  It can take, according to Yahoo!, “several hours”, but you do have the option to set the thing to “autopick” if you can’t be a part of it.  I personally would rather do it during a day sometime next week, like maybe Wednesday/Thursday, but I realize some of you have “jobs” that “pay money”.  A Saturday would be fine too, and probably easier for everyone too.  Sundays, however, are for nothing-doing.

Two: Think up a good team name.  That’s half the battle here, people.

Oh, and one other thing.  We definitely have to play for something, even if it’s not money. 

Like, the loser has to comment under the name “I finished last in the Bourne’s Blog Fantasy Hockey League because I know nothing about hockey and I suck and life and therefore my comment is void”.

Actually, the running loser may have to go under some variation of that name as soon as the first month of the season.

And if I lose, maybe I have to do something like a monthly post on how bad I suck at Fantasy Hockey, or put an asterisk at the bottom of all hockey articles:

*Justin Bourne doesn’t actually know what-the-f**k he’s talking about, as verified by the BBHL standings.

Thoughts on what we play for?


We’re able to change a lot of the league settings, so we could have up to 20 teams.

Those of you who want in, send me the email address you want used to, and I’ll communicate with you about the league that way so it doesn’t have to be on the blog for other readers to become annoyed with.

From comment responses yesterday, we’re up to about 10 teams already, so get at me fairly soon so we can figure out the when, what and who’s of our league.

So yeah!  That’s all for today folks.  Should be a fun addition to the season of blogging.


19 Responses to “The Bourne’s Blog Fantasy Hockey League”
  1. jtbourne says:

    Random thought: If we do get up to 20 teams, I’m cutting the amount of players we draft way down from 15. Cause if we get to the point where my “fantasy team” involves drafting players that I think I’m actually better than, I’ll throw this computer through my TV. And nobody wants me to do that.

  2. PVeltkamp says:

    I’m in!
    Loook forward to getting all the details.

  3. paul says:


    I’ve got a ‘Most Improved Player’ trophy I won back in squirt, its pretty sweet, we could use that as the league trophy.

    It would be hard to part with, as it meant a lot to my hockey career, but I can’t think of a better reason to give it up other than donating it to the BBHL as its championship trophy. Just an idea I thought I would throw out there.

  4. jtbourne says:

    Haha, no, no, don’t worry about it bud.

    Between my girl and I, we have about a thousand autographed everythings from our fathers careers. I’m starting to brainstorm on an actual prize. And it probably won’t be sweet. It’ll be more like a “To Jeff and Justin, Best Wishes, Rod Langway” autographed helmet or something. But I’ll send it out anyways. Lotsa time to decide. And when I win, I’ll just take a picture of the awesome prize and keep it.

  5. Kyle says:

    When you win, we shall all send a pic of our best on-our-knees-not-worthy-all-hail-the-chief pose. In fact, mine should be on its way tomorrow.

  6. Kyle says:

    On a realistic side, the winner receives something autographed by the league’s namesake.

  7. paul says:

    Yeah you’re right , I should probably hang onto that trophy to show my kids that hard work pays off in the end.

    But just a little back story on trophies you might enjoy…we took beer pong pretty seriously in my college days. And like every kid growing up we got handed tons of trophies for all the sports we played. When our parents decided that there was no room in our attics/basements for trophies the natural decision was easy, bring them to college and put them on the line in each and every beer pong game played and winner gets the trophy, medal, plaque, etc.

    Those trophies my have lost their luster as you grew up but I can tell you this, winning back a gold medal from a Bantam CanAm tournament in beer pong is as sweet as winning it the first time around.

    P.S. Did Rod Langway ever wear a helmet?

  8. jtbourne says:

    Hahaha, I dunno, who’s Rod Langway? The name just popped into my head.

    That’s awesome about the trophies. I just read a sweet name for a beer pong team online: The StepDads – because we beat you, and you hate us.

    My own beer pong career started on something like a 14-0 streak over a couple weekends, only to have it be crushed like so many before, by being, um, too crushed. What about starting a charity beer pong tournament? How fun would that be.

    To bad “the internet” wasn’t some city we all lived in so this stuff could happen.

  9. AiH says:

    Last place must field a competitive bid for the Phoenix Coyotes franchise.

  10. jtbourne says:

    Ahhh, I laughed out loud at that one. Competitive bid eh…

    “I’ve got a limited edition Rod Langway helmet, $80 bucks, I’ll keep them in Phoenix and my name’s not Balsillie”.

  11. AiH says:

    That bid would probably get some nibbles, but you have to finish last in the BBHL before you mail in the official offer.

    Winner gets a VIP pass and backstage access to the Hockey Greats Camp?

  12. PVeltkamp says:

    JB – “I just read a sweet name for a beer pong team online: The StepDads – because we beat you, and you hate us.”

    You’ve been reading textsafterdark again haven’t you. lol
    I was actually thinking of using that name for a slo-pitch tourney this weekend.

  13. Neil says:

    sweeeeeet idea on the fantasy league!!! I have always done the rotisserie but I agree, head-to-head has a lot of potential…..

  14. Nicky says:

    I’m all for Head-to-Head. What’s the point without trash-talking? And since I am one of those besmirched goalies (see Mr. Bourne’s “Goalies: Love Themselves, Hate Their Parents”), I insist on the right to taunt him whenever possible.

  15. nick says:

    I have a WWJBD stick… that should be the prize. We all know this to be true

  16. P. D. says:

    It is true, I’ve seen it in person. It’s glorious!

  17. Ian says:

    Head-to-Head – it keeps the possibilities alive the longest in the season.

  18. JustJeff says:

    Awe, missed the sign up because of crappy work :(

  19. Officer Koharski says:

    Bummer, late to the party again.

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