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Bourne With Two Passports; No Jason Jokes



I’m not sure how to spell. 

 Have you seen The Departed?  There’s a scene where Mark Wahlberg (Sgt. Dignam) is verbally tearing Di Caprio (William Costigan jr.) apart.  Di Caprio had a criminal family with parents from different parts of Boston.  Wahlberg is trying to make sure Di Caprio isn’t trying to become a cop so he can use the power the wrong way.  He says  ”You had different accents didn’t you, you little f@#k? ”.  He talks about how Di Caprio was one kid one week with his mother, and a different kid when he went to live in the Southie projects with his Dad.   His whole life he’s always been pretending to be somebody depending on where he is.  This is how I feel when I write.

How the F am I supposed to spell as a duel citizen??

Can our 2 nations come together here, guys?  Here’s what I propose.  A set up, like in Disney movies.  I’ll call Canada and have him meet me for dinner somewhere mutual, like a Pizza Hut.  You call the US and do the same.  Then WE won’t show up and the two of them will have to run into each other.  They’ll be forced to sit there and work out  the “u” thing.  On my hono(u)r, it’s my favo(u)rite idea. It’s colo(u)rful, flavo(u)rful and full of vigo(u)r.

I usually try to keep in mind who my audience is, but in my blog I’m confused.  Please vote.  I’ll do my best to limit myself to that style, the way Marky Mark and the funky bunch disappeared so Mark Wahlberg could limit himself to acting.[polldaddy poll=1287771]Add to Technorati Favorites


4 Responses to “Bourne With Two Passports; No Jason Jokes”
  1. Clint Eastwood's Wrinkles says:

    Depending on the vote, will you be changing your name to Justin Borne?

  2. jtbourne says:

    No, the last name is sacred. It’ll be Jstin Bourne.

  3. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    I still think you should just change your name to JBourne….you know like Prince! Then you will be cool!

  4. Neil C says:

    Well you already watch baseball…….

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