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Presidential Ibloguration



Cindy McCain is hot.  I don’t think anybody would disagree with me here.  I used to see John McCain in years past on the Daily Show or wherever else he was allowed to be himself and he was an awesome guy.  I distinctively remember thinking “man, that’s one Republican I could get behind” (please keep in mind this was years ago, before they attached the marionette strings – sidebar – did anyone else think that McCain moved liked those wooden characters in the Canadian Robaxacet commercials?  I guess Hotel Hanoi will do that to you).  He was smart and funny, and actually, pretty liberal.  One great thing about Canadian politics (it sounds like there aren’t many these days) is that the choice stretches beyond A or B.  You would think in a country with 304 million-ish people, the US would like to extend their selection beyond 2.  The country is divided, sure, but not into two groups.  McCain was forced to act like he held every Republican belief even though he winced when he lied because that was the group that happened to pick him.  But wow, was that a digression.  Cindy McCain is hot.  Does anybody feel bad for John out there?  He doesn’t have to deal with the stress of this country’s recession, he just got even more stupid famous, he’s dumb rich, his wife is crazy hot, and he owns so many houses he can’t tell you the exact figure (7)… the man is gonna be fine. 

How exciting is it that Barack Obama is taking over?  It just seems it should be a given that the President be smart, but it’s been 8 years.  He’s very smart.  With great social skills, and energy.  He seems to have wonderful core values (thanks for the buzz word, CNN) and his wife is unbelievable.  If you ask me, she’s more likely to be the first female president than Bitterly Clinton.   

It’s just an amazing time in the US and they really needed something positive like this here.  It’s like when you’re sick and you start your course of antibiotics.  They won’t kick in right away, but you really hope to see some positive changes before too long.  And when you do, feeling that little bit better is going to feel a whole lot better.  It’s a proud day to be an American, because enough people got over bigotry and bitterness to elect the right person, despite his skin colour.  He won the election handily, and was black.  It would have been a run away if he wasn’t (Slavery isn’t coming back Georgia, catch up).  The smooth transition of power is not a given in every country in the world, and it’s a pretty special day for democracy, not to be corny.  Things are going to be tough the next little while in the US, with ripples up to Canada, but it feels good to know that the man in charge is really going to be trying.  Trying, like that was too much to ask from Bush.

Bush.  It almost seemed like Bush was that kid you tried and tried to teach to do something, and when the kid couldn’t, he got frustrated and gave up entirely.  He was CLEARLY underqualified (the guy didn’t even get good GRADES.  He didn’t excel at anything, actually.  How did this happen?  How did he get any votes?), but once he was elected, he got the only job you can’t be fired from.  The only boss-less (the public is his boss, blahblah yeah, nice hire.) job in the US, and this guy knew it.  He  just played around his whole life, the ultimate life of privilege, and it was nauseating to watch.  “I’m a ranch-hand, ya’ll” YOU’RE FROM CONNECTICUT!  Breathe… breathe…. okay…. okay.  It’s over Justin… It’s over. 

 (I picked a nice image of him, because we’ve all seen the other ones, and it seemed redundant)

Today, I’m going to the oral surgeon to get the wires on my teeth replaced with rubber bands, enabling me to open my mouth for the first time in 40 days.  After I make a quick stop to buy a rake to remove the fur from the inside of my teeth, I’m going to make my first stop at the gym to sweat out some toxins (not that my organs care, 6 weeks of antibiotics, painkillers, and nausea medicine have hardly blackened them, I’m sure).  Then I’m going to come home and watch CNN in sweat pants and get swallow food with some texture (still no chewing).  Either way, Its a happ-happ-happy day people.  Rejoice!Add to Technorati Favorites


3 Responses to “Presidential Ibloguration”
  1. Neil C. says:

    Political attitudes in other parts of the first world are generally less polarised and ideological than in the US (and 50 years ago it was the same way there too). This doesn’t mean people elsewhere are less passionate or interested about their government (in fact it’s generally the opposite), they just don’t group one clump of values into “left” and one into “right” as rigidly, so political parties aren’t as committed to supporting this or that (a la McCain) because of pure ideology. Politics are petty everywhere but not everyone separates their nation so cleanly into two teams with opposing interests on every issue (except during times of perceived crisis…..).

    I think Barack getting elected is better than another Republican considering who is running the party (rhymes with Pig Foil), but he won in an election that any credible Democrat candidate would have won. McCain was a poor choice to mobilise his voting base, in part because he only subscribed to a portion of the party’s ideology clump.

    My cynical prediction is that there will be very little progress on any tangible issue in the next four years but the mainstream media will run around in circles talking about positive change while the Fox News Superfriends blast him for being soft and Arab on everything.

    If they can make you think Cindy is hot, then making George look like a rancher ain’t nothin!

  2. jtbourne says:

    I agree that any democrat could have won this election, but I don’t anyone else could have made people care. They would have wanted the Republicans out regardless, but at least people are paying attention with Obama. It’s quite possible that nothing major and sweeping will take place, but don’t you agree that Obama will, at the very least, TRY to do the right things for the country? I guess I get all swept up watching the coverage and get a bit glossy on things, but I’ve always felt like the President was becoming like the Queen, just some figure head (with the party running the country). I actually feel like this guy has a back bone (and a fade-away j)

  3. Neil C. says:

    Yeah that’s true, Obama only needed to hit a double but he still cranked a home run. I think you’re right too, Obama seems like he’s a good guy, but I don’t think one good man or even a few is enough to clean up the biz…. Bill Clinton didn’t usher in a new era of American foreign aid during his eight years at the helm, and I think he’s a pretty good guy too. It does seem like Obama has a lot of leadership power and I bet Americans will be more willing to do things that he supports because they actually believe what he’s saying (imagine).

    Honestly though, I bet if either of us met George W. for 10 minutes we’d come away saying “he’s actually a really good guy”, and we’d probably be right.

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