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The Bloge Salming Podcast, Now With More Me



The Hockey Greats Fanatasy Camp stole my voice.  Fully theived it.  Thus, I was forced to put off the debut episode of the “Bloge Salming Podcast”…. until today.

For your listening pleasure, everything you already knew about me, only this time in a 19 minute conversation with none other than Mr. Salming himself.  I’m a tad disheveled, but it came together alright!

Big thanks to Bloge for having me on, and if you haven’t seen his work before, it’s must-check-out stuff.

My favourite piece of Bloge work: Olympic Welcome Rap

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11 Responses to “The Bloge Salming Podcast, Now With More Me”
  1. Kelly R says:

    100% of 0 is still 0. ;)

    Just gave it a listen (it’s less than 20 minutes people, listen to it) and it was good to hear the stories. Nice work!

  2. ruestow says:

    yeah technically it’s infinitely more you.

  3. jtbourne says:

    Damn you math majors. Or um, people who have reasonably sufficient math skills. Thanks though! And check out Bloge’s work!

  4. jtbourne says:

    Um…. this is getting awkward. Consider the “100% More Me” edited :)

  5. Anna S. says:

    The podcast is priceless. I love your take on your dad’s retrospective thoughts on your young career: “Holy shit, I would have killed you if you quit”. I laughed so hard my boss started giving me weird looks.

    You should do more of these podcasts (or think about developing a podcast for BourneBlog). You come across as funny, knowledgeable, and relateable on air.

    Also, YES on Wisconsin being easy to hate. I’m a Cornell alum, and our team doesn’t play the Badgers very often, but when we do… hoo boy. The Wis barn is somehow both the largest, the loudest, and the least personal spot I’ve ever seen Cornell play. At least from a fan’s perspective, somehow it didn’t feel like the building really was feeling the sport. I was accustomed to Lynah, where the hatred from other fans come through viscerally, but in Wis the atmosphere felt loud but sterilized. Dunno, maybe not your experience, but that was my impression.

  6. Liviu says:

    Fairbanks loves you too, JB.

  7. Sherry says:

    Loved the story about Clark and the golfing! You obvioulsy passed the test tho’.

    Nice work on the podcast – but I expected nothing less. I haven’t really kept up, but your rundown of work-as-a-writer options sounds great. Didn’t realize that you had so many irons in the fire. Godspeed Justin!

  8. hattrickery says:

    De-lurking to say:

    As a kid who grew up worshiping a WCHA team – won’t say which, you’ll hate all over me – I must applaud your decision to play in the greatest hockey conference in the NCAA.

    Also, I’m still only kind of sorry you took that slapshot to the face because I absolutely love the blog and can’t really imagine my morning routine right now without it. So, um, thanks for going for the tip on that play. Sorry it had to hurt so much.

  9. rm says:

    @ Anna S, nice to have another member of the Lynah Faithful reading the blog. Maybe between the two of us we can convince Justin that Matt Moulson isn’t a “flash in the pan”. :) .

    Justin, “air of entitlement”, Minnesota Gophers should have been the first team you mentioned. I hate the gophers. Hate them.

    Still love the “Caddying for the Gilles” hazing story.

  10. Fish says:

    grrreat podcast.

  11. MWL says:

    Great podcast. It’s interesting to me you haven’t brought Minnesota up in your hate speak. Being a gopher fan it seems pretty much everyone hates us…though i agree 100% with hating NoDak, i’ve never seen so many tacky leather jackets and mullets from a group of people…

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