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Conan, Crosby, Stat-lines and Some Links



New Puck Daddy: on Kovalchuk’s struggles, and what he needs to do to fix them

Yesterday’s USA Today: On taking a shootout shot, player’s perspective


Anyone have any reviews of the new “Conan” for us?

I used to be a loyal fan, and DVR’ed it every night even when he was in his brief primetime role.  For some reason, I haven’t gotten around to doing the same for the TBS version of the show.  Is it any good?

(By the way, I love Fallon.  That show is awesome.)


Okay, the Crosby slewfoot:

First off, there’s allowed to be grey area on stuff like this, he doesn’t have to be Stalin or Mother Theresa.

He certainly didn’t execute a classic slewy there.  It’s sort of a halfway, non-commital one.

Secondly, it’s a non-issue.  For all the abuse that guy takes, I’ll allow him the occasional cheap shot.  If I were focused on night-in night-out like it’s the playoffs, and guys went out of their way to get shots in on me, I’d have slew-footed somebody’s head through the ice years ago.

Interesting argument that one of the RLD radio show hosts made (tongue in cheek): it was a play of the year candidate.  It was an incredibly difficult play, to be skating at that speed in open ice, complete a slew-foot, and draw a penalty.  Point Sidney.


Random thought:  Eric Staal is having a heckuva year, huh?  The top of the NHL leaderboard for points is classic – stars are having star-like years.  

I still think the most interesting stat-lines of the year to date are:

Henrik Sedin

2 goals, 25 assists, 27 points. Wow.

Dustin Byfuglien

9 goals, 16 assists, 25 points.  His career high is like, 36 or something, and he’s playing defense.  He also leads the NHL w/5 game winners.

Am I missing anyone?

The Leaderboard

  Player Team Pos GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW OT S S% TOI/G Sft/G FO%
1 Sidney Crosby PIT C 26 18 23 41 7 15 7 1 1   0 100 18.0 22:09 23.0 55.4
2 Steven Stamkos TBL C 24 21 18 39 6 20 10 0 4   0 91 23.1 20:50 24.4 45.7
3 Alex Ovechkin WSH L 25 10 22 32 8 18 2 0 3   1 109 9.2 21:22 21.0 40.0
4 Alexander Semin WSH L 25 18 12 30 8 24 6 1 1   0 90 20.0 18:37 22.0 25.0
5 Martin St Louis TBL R 24 8 21 29 1 8 1 0 2   0 90 8.9 21:38 25.1 37.5
6 Eric Staal CAR C 24 12 16 28 -2 18 4 1 3   0 94 12.8 21:27 27.3 43.0
7 Brad Richards DAL C 23 11 17 28 11 20 3 0 1   0 87 12.6 20:36 22.5 51.9
8 Patrick Sharp CHI L 25 15 12 27 -6 6 4 2 4   1 107 14.0 19:21 25.0 48.4
9 Daniel Sedin VAN L 22 13 14 27 3 6 6 0 1   0 59 22.0 18:36 23.7 0.0
10 Nicklas Backstrom WSH C 25 9 18 27 9 10 4 1 1   0 50 18.0 20:09 23.4 53.5
11 Henrik Sedin VAN C 22 2 25 27 3 12 1 0 1   0 43 4.7 19:33 24.2 54.7
12 Corey Perry ANA R 26 11 15 26 2 39 3 0 2   0 86 12.8 21:46 25.8 33.3
13 Milan Hejduk COL R 23 8 18 26 -3 4 5 0 0   0 63 12.7 17:19 21.9 0.0



Maintenance guys are here trying to stop the knocking sound in our wall.  If it doesn’t stop, Bri and I WILL kill someone. 


18 Responses to “Conan, Crosby, Stat-lines and Some Links”
  1. KForbes says:

    Conan is interesting. Close to what he was doing on Late Night. I don’t think he’s going to get the quality of guests that he was afforded during the Tonight Show, so more the same sort of stuff he got when Late Night happened. The big story is of course the cultural part of it, where he’s really become a figurehead for a large following of that coveted 18-49 group that makes all the tv folks drool. Of course, a lot of them aren’t necessarily watching the show, instead opting to download it later, but still, when Leno’s average viewer age is in their 50s and Conan’s is in their early 30s…it’s intriguing.
    One thing I’ll mention is that a lot of it seems rushed. 2 interviews and music and just the whole thing seems rushed, kinda moreso than before. Production value is a bit down as well, as would be expected and the exposure isn’t as great. But it’s cable and so he can’t be expected to go head to head with network and be able to beat them in a ratings war. I think TBS is likely pleased because it’s bringing more viewers to the station (seriously, who watched Lopez last year?). I’m not sure how long Conan will last in relative anonymity with TBS. Maybe replace Letterman in the future? Who knows.
    But yeah, you kinda hit the nail on the head by mentioning Fallon. He’s come out of this whole mess clean as can be (by avoiding it completely) and really has stepped up his game as well. Doing some great work, albeit I’m not sure how many people are watching. Very reminiscent of Conan when he was in the time slot.

    Oh right, hockey.
    How about the-guy-everyone-loves-to-hate Corey Perry leading Anaheim in scoring? Definitely stepped up his game a bit this year. I mean, Getzlaf is only a point behind, but this is also the Getzlaf that had 90 points a couple of seasons ago. It’s a bit of a three-headed race in Anaheim for scoring lead with Selanne as well. I would have guessed Getzlaf would be head and shoulders above, but so far, not the case.

  2. Pep the frozen canuck says:

    Crosby – I agree he deserves to go stupid on somone now and again. It will also help keep the idiots out of his grill a bit more if he shows he can snap now and then. It sure worked back in the day for many players like John Ferguson, Terry O’Reilly, and Mark Messier to cover a few generations. It didn’t hurt someone named Clark Gillies or Bob Nystrom either….

    “The top of the NHL leaderboard for points is classic – stars are having star-like years.” – It is almost an odd year so far that way. There is NO one on the list that you could point to and say no chance will he be top 20 by the end of the year. It is going to make for a very interesting points battle. As for the Richard, I suspect Mr. Stamkos is going to pull away and win it by 10 goals in the end. That dude is just pure money for the 0.075 seconds it takes him to unleash that one timer. And to think Barry “The Hair” Melrose didn’t think much of him a short 2 years ago.

  3. j says:

    i dont think the crosby slewfoot looks intentional. that shiz happens pretty fast out there and i jsut dont think crosby has the time to think, yup, ima slew foot this cat, get his foot out and get him down. i think we look too much at slowmo replays and still images and it makes us think guys have way more time then they do to make plays, cheap shots and decisions in general.

  4. Jeff says:

    Fallon is the best guy on Late Night Television. His Neil Young stuff is unreal and is just a funny guy, as evident of his time on SNL.

  5. Derek says:

    Wyshynski retweeted me last night saying that it wasn’t a slewfoot. Got a lot of Crosby hate thrown in my direction for that. My point was that for a slewfoot to actually be a slewfoot, Crosby’s foot has to be behind Callahan, while Crosby is pushing Callahan back over his foot. Crosby’s foot is in front of Callahan before he fell. In fact it was never even directly behind Callahan’s foot. It was way behind in, then they hit feet side by side and then Crosby pushed him down. Was not a slewfoot, but probably should have been interference on Crosby.

  6. Nathan says:

    “Am I missing anyone?”

    Kris Letang needs to start getting some recognition, his all-around skills are coming together in a big way this season.

    And Malkin & Ovechkin one & two in shots on goal, with 7% & 9.2% shooting percentages, and Malkin leading the league in shots to the crest, and his 36.9% faceoff percentage because he simply doesn’t give a shit about them. It’s super-ridiculous. 5th season and he hasn’t improved whatsoever, but mostly, hasn’t cared whatsoever to improve.

  7. Pep the frozen canuck says:

    “And Malkin & Ovechkin one & two in shots on goal, with 7% & 9.2% shooting percentages, and Malkin leading the league in shots to the crest”

    The goalies are in much better shape now. They have faster stomachs than before.:)

  8. Sherry says:

    Thanks for your level assessment of the Great Slewfoot Incident of Aught-10 JB. I agree, marginal slewfoot – if that, and yes, should be a non-issue. But oh, the haters love to hate. I thought Sid handled himself pretty well in speaking to the issue and will continue to handle himself in his usual, ultra competitive (*mostly* clean) fashion on the ice.

    The fallout has been entertaining to “watch” tho’ and the RLD comment was fun-ny.

  9. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Conan: Pretty much pre-Tonight Show stuff, which is fantastic. Seriously. I thought there was a little watering-down that went on when he ousted Leno. Granted, my area rug could replace Leno and be a better show. It seems as though Conan has reached back and grabbed what he lost when he went to 10:30, but I agree with the above comments about the show being “rushed” and lacking a certain production value. Still, it remains the second best hour of TV on late night — behind the now DVR’d Stewart/Colbert.

    Fallon: Really? I mean, c’mon? REALLY? I will grant this: I have not watched Fallon in some time. Maybe he’s gotten better. However, I never found him funny on SNL. I never found him funny in any movie. I never found his show funny when I gave it a weekly (minimum) chance. He is below average as a host, and nearly failing in comedy 201. When Conan and Leno had their spat, I did find a nice refuge in Craig Ferguson. That guy is getting better as a host, but he was funny as all hell to begin with.

  10. Nathan says:

    “…faster stomachs…”

    HahaHA! I like that.

  11. SDC says:

    Conan blew the doors off when he came out of the gates, we’ll see if he can maintain through the mid-season; which seemed to be what got him in trouble in the first place.

  12. neil says:

    I love Conan but I feel his new show is inferior to his old one. Fallon is the late late night king by far right now, he’s great (and I hate everything). Dave is still the king and will be until he hangs em up, imho.
    Eric Staal is hugely underrated. The kind of guy that had a down year on a bad team and everyone forgot how great he is. I almost snagged him late in the Bourne’s Blog fantasy league but someone else was thinking the same thing…
    Sid’s play looked awfully slew-footy to me, but it never occurred to me to care that much. Slewfoot at center ice? Big deal. Drawing a penalty, that was a bit funky, but guess what? The NHL’s refs suck.

  13. neil says:

    By the way, congrats to Sid for showing some personality in his reply to Dubi! Maybe the Kid is getting tired of the crybabies, it was nice having a quote from him worth reading for once.

  14. lew says:

    I don’t have cable so I have only watched a few of the new Conans online. I think they are up there with his late night stuff and I definitely agreed with the rushed feeling too.

    I don’t know about Fallon, but by far my favorite late night guy is Craig Ferguson. C’mon! I mean puppets, a robot, his costumed skits and off the wall monologues. That guy is hilarious.

  15. Dave K says:

    Only thing missing from the scoring leaderboard is someone with an obnoxious +/-.

  16. Lowe blowe says:

    Hey Bournie, I’m pretty sure Hanks stat line looks eerily similar to your stat line our junior year, except if I recall correctly you had 25 second assists

  17. jtbourne says:

    Haha, all I have to say is die, Lowe, die. Loved “Lowe Blowe.”

  18. Lowe blowe says:

    Don’t feel bad, I’m not sure I had 25 second assists in my entire career, so you win

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