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Bill Guerin’s Value, and… Tiger Woods Hid Some Money, Right?



Quick question first…. anyone know the latest with the Coyotes ownership situation?  Does Ice Edge own the team, or does the NHL still?  I’m totally unaware of what’s been going on.

(Update: just saw on twitter, Ice Edge is holding a press conference in Thunder Bay tomorrow.  To which Bruce Arthur responded “Why, is there a team there you’re not buying too?”)


I had a couple Bill Guerin debates this morning - basically, here’s my thinking on one of my favourite players of all-time:

He does have Cup experience though, that helps

He’s probably a bad signing by anyone who’s not like, Columbus, and he won’t go play for a team like that. 

Sure, he had 21 goals last year – but he’s slowed a step or two (age will do that), and he put up those numbers playing alongside one of the best players in the history of ever (Crosby).  Also, 11 of his goals were PP ones, sooo, take him off a PP with Malkin/Crosby/Gonchar/Goligoski….

Before I explain myself further, the disclaimer: I do think he still has some value.  He’s not washed up or anything.  I just don’t see him being near as dangerous as he used to be.

Point is, if you want him to be a 3rd/4th line grind guy who plays less minutes, you’re better off spending your money on some young pup energy guy who’ll play for the same amount or less, and pour his heart and soul into his role while getting valuable experience. 

If you put him on one of your top two lines, he just doesn’t have the wheels to keep up with guys like Crosby anymore.  He’s hands aren’t quite as smooth as some of the young up-and-coming dishers, and while his snapper is still a weapon, honestly…. you’re just better off pulling some kid from the AHL who may be less of a natural, but plays in go-go-go mode like “the new” NHL demands.

Sorry Bill.  Again, you’re still one of my all-time faves, and wherever you end up, I wish you the very most luck.


The Onion made a little joke this morning about Tiger having stashed some assets offshore in case of a divorce, buttt….. no joke, he must have done that.  C’mon.

*lightbulb* "The Caymans money!"

I mean…. isn’t that sort of a no-brainer? 

For starters, you know he had money Elin didn’t know about so he could use it on his mistresses.  Not to like, buy them stuff, but just get flights/hotels, all that other shady stuff he was doing that he had to hide.  Second, he had to know that if he were to get caught cheating, that means divorce.  Which means he had to have tucked money away somewhere just in case, cause he was cheating a lot.  

It’s not like Elin didn’t get her fair share of dough (if the rumours are true), but c’mon…. dude had extra hidden somewhere didn’t he?


Thanks for all the love out there yesterday, blog community.  And if I haven’t mentioned this in awhile, thanks so much to those of you who’ve donated.  You’re keeping the lights on here at “the office” during hockey’s off-season. 

If any of you fellow writers would like to propose a blogroll link exchange, drop me an email at  Gonna try to blow this thing up this year!


Ooo, I forgot something fantasy hockey related - The BBHL (Bourne’s Blog Hockey League) is sticking with the head-to-head format.  20 was too many teams last year.  What’s the ideal number?


17 Responses to “Bill Guerin’s Value, and… Tiger Woods Hid Some Money, Right?”
  1. Kennedy says:

    Guerin would likely never go, but I think he’d be a great addition for the Leafs. Bozak, Kulemin, Kadri, Kessel, could use a veteran guy who’s scored to learn from and model themselves on.

  2. Nadeau says:

    I heard somewhere that Rumor has it Ice Edge might want to put an AHL team in Thunder Bay or some form of Minor Pro if they can build a new rink so maybe thats what the presser is for can’t see why they would do a presser from Thunder Bay about the Coyotes…… Also Tiger probably did have money hidden away and he probably threw the last few tournaments to as to not win/give Elin any more than she got… I know golf is hugely mental but seriously you dont Dominate and Intimidate like he did and just fizzle and suck like he did that fast…. DO YOU?¿

  3. AndrewJ says:

    Guerin as 3rd or 4th line versus a high energy “pup?” I agree with you. Guerin versus Derek Boogard at $1.65MM per year. Hmmm, let me think on that. Someone should, since Glen Sather didn’t apparently.

    I think 16 or less is a good number for a head to head league, realizing I may be talking myself out of an open spot. More than that and it’s less interesting – you forget who the other teams are, who you’re talking smack about.

    Also, thanks for the Cee Lo video. Your hits are up from me constantly showing that to people. It’s stuck in my head right now – that’s the price you pay, I suppose.

    Saw your dad played for the Islanders. Mike McEwen, also the Cup teams (well for part of the time) taught me to play. Heard some interesting stories about Billy Smith from that. Great thing about hockey – the stories are lively.

  4. Crawdaddy says:

    10-12 teams is ideal for roster size of roughly 22 + 1 IR spot. Tiger tied for the lead at this weeks tourney. Oh how sweet the single life must be for Eldrick.

  5. MWL says:

    What about Guerin back in Long Island? Along with Doug Weight, they’d have a great couple of role models for all of those youngsters they have…especially if they keep El Nino this year.

  6. Sherry says:

    Really sad about the Pens letting Billy G go (and from what I’ve read it was really hard on Shero et al to make that decision – becasue he truly is beloved by all there) – but, it was time. The young guys have to have a chance to step up at some point, and in Pgh, the time is now. Dang, gonna really miss Billy tho’. :(

  7. Kennedy says:

    I would go with two leagues. A vets and rookies. Then make it like UK football. Top 3 teams move up, bottom three drop.

  8. Sherry says:

    OMG, I’m dying over the Boob Apron bit (will be disseminating that widely today)! Sorry, I know I should have tweeted this but I still don’t know how that all works…

  9. Neil says:

    There’s always money in the Banana Stand

  10. Jeff says:

    12 is the max I’d play with in a H2H league.

  11. Josh says:

    I doubt Tiger had to hide any mistress related purchases from Elin because I guarantee you neither one of them ever saw a bank statement or paid a bill. He has a team of financial planners, accountants,and managers that handle that kind of stuff. I’m sure he probably hid something so that the divorce attorney couldn’t find it, but in terms of hiding the flights or hotels for his mistresses, he could just charge it to his black Amex that his manager paid the bill for.

  12. Carmen says:

    I believe that Tiger Woods is worth more than $600-700 millions. The amount that Forbes is reporting may be the amount that Tiger reports to the IRS and pays taxes on. I have read about cases of wealthy millionaires who keep part of their money hidden in foreign banks/countries in order to evade taxes.

  13. Pat says:

    BBHL topic here,,,,,,,,I like the two conference idea with ten in each. Is that possible?

  14. Neil says:

    From Sherry’s link – “The failure to get a lease deal done in a timely fashion this offseason is even more puzzling given that the city of Glendale took the step this spring of guaranteeing to pay the NHL up to $25 million in operating losses if an owner can’t be found for the team.”

    Sound familiar?

  15. Christy says:

    Tiger Wood’s private life is interesting for WHAT reason again?

  16. jtbourne says:

    Every concievable reason that gossip about anyone is interesting, that’s what. Then times it by fame/spotlight/money etc.

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