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Take Your Ball and Go Home, Jim



Still in my relative infancy as a writer, I’ve been encountering a frequent problem:

How can I write honestly and accurately about NHL news, when the players in question are not only playing like dogs and making poor decisions, but personal friends?

How can I sit down and write something about Dany Heatley conducting himself in a less-than-professional manner this summer, something that could show up in USA Today, when I know and like him?  What if he reads it?

Will I ever get another genuine comment?  Am I a leper next summer in Kelowna?  I don’t want to start alienating people.

The solution, thus far, has been to not touch those topics, but it’s getting increasingly hard to do that as writing has morphed into an actual job.

I’m still feeling out the boundries, but I’ve started getting more confident in my ability to give opinions without coming off too snide.

The good news? 

I’ve never met, let alone seen, Jim Balsillie.  And you know what I think he should do?  Take his ball and go home.  That link will take you to Hockey, where I explain his current situation a little better.


2 Responses to “Take Your Ball and Go Home, Jim”
  1. SDC says:

    how dare you speak lowly of Heatley. Without him, I wouldn’t have been in the background of the video of him walking into the dressing room yesterday, which made the sportsnet highlights all day. Nearly 3 people recognized me in it!

  2. eyebleaf says:

    Interesting post.

    All you can do is write honestly. I think above all else, people respect honesty.

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