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I’m Back-Back, From-From, Cali-Cali



Well, I’m famous.  The transition just happened, did you catch it?  The next ad going on the building beside Madison Square Garden is going to be just me, flexing, intimidating the employees at MSG even more than the Jay-Z one did.

That, or I’ll continue blogging and maybe possibly someday achieve an ever-so-slightly higher profile than I have right  now.  Whichever.

So the Cali trip was a success.

Not only did Bri and I have a blast with Charlie Kronsch, but the day of filming went great.

I’ll admit, I was a little slow on the uptake – as in, the first stuff we shot was awkward as all get-out, but I got more comfortable as the day went on.  It’s crazy talking into the camera having a one-sided conversation.  But, we figured some stuff out about what works best for me (stop f**king saying “uhh” you hockey-beaten moron), and by the time we do the second and final shoot, I oughtta be rockin’ the party that rocks the party.

Oh, also, we did a video podcasty thing with Charlie.  We turned on the camera for the first time, I woke Chuck up from a near-nap, got us both a beer, and we just started talking about life after hockey.  No idea if that’ll be entertaining to anyone but me.

{Charlie’s first comment after we cut it off: “Edit that.  You can’t just make fun of Kip Brennan on camera and expect to live.”


Everyone in that neck of the woods is up to something strange, different and interesting.  My producer guy is working on “Cats and Dogs 2″ (fitting, for my blog).  At one point he realized our camera had leftover clips of Topher Grace on it.  We went out with a stunt-man-turned-behind-the-scenes guy on Saturday who worked on Jackass 3.  Where are the financial advisors?  Where’s the unnecessary rush?  THIS ISN’T THE EAST COAST AT ALL.


I talked with Ethan Moreau a bit (who (A) looks like Keanu Reeves and (B) is pumped to be heading to Columbus).  His great line: when referring to his golf clubs and how customed out he needs them: “15 years in the NHL and I never got a custom stick until this summer, but my golf clubs? Nono, this is too upright, take it back to the truck and adjust it.”


Charlie’s agent Nick James (who is excellent, by the way – anyone who can convince an NHL team that Kronsch deserves a tryout is GOOD), who also happens to be his brother-in-law, spent some time with us this weekend.  And, he happens to work for NRG Marketing, which is the company promoting NHL 2K11.

We were gonna head over to Nick’s place to check out the new promotional RV/bus, but um, just didn’t.  Still, he fired over some pictures of it, and hopefully, I’ll get my hands on a game or two before it comes out to give it a test drive.  Check out the bus:

{By the way, one of the best lines of the weekend came when asking Nick about Charlie, and how seeing him have a couple beer in past summers must have felt like it was costing him money.  He’s line was “Well sure, look at the guy, he’s a depreciating asset for me”, thus earning Charlie the nickname “The D.A.”}

The outside of the RV/Bus thingy.

The other side of the ginormo RV/bus thingy.

The um, third side of the RV/bus thingy?

More info on the game tomorrow - did you know you can pick the puck up on your stick?  COUNT IT!


Okay – I’ll work on getting those pictures to show up here in a little bit (and might add some more writing), but first I have to put the finishing touches on a column that’s due. 

One more thing – check out Islanders Point Blank for some news on the Islanders hope for a new arena in the near future.


11 Responses to “I’m Back-Back, From-From, Cali-Cali”
  1. iggy says:

    what rink do you shoot at in cali?

  2. Alanna says:

    Those RV pic links are a wasted opportunity top Rick Roll your readers. Shame.

  3. marshall22 says:

    Just an idea, but if you ever did decide to do a pay podcast (which I believe I could probably throw a couple bucks at) you should def post a sample one first, ya know get the hook out there.

  4. Four to Five says:

    If NHL 2K11 is actually better than NHL 11 I’ll be shocked.

    … Not that I play hockey video games anyway.

  5. john says:

    After you guys edit the footage I hope you put up a rough-cut for comments. You are in the extremely rare position of having thousands of objective observers who know your work and would love to help you make the best of it.

  6. Miriam says:

    Sooo…what’d you say about Kip? :-P

  7. Rick says:

    don’t repeat! He’ll find out and hunt us all down

  8. Pat says:

    Congrats! you’ve been cited as a source on espn insider

  9. jtbourne says:

    Alanna – I’m tempted to delete your comment and do it.

    Four to Five – Um… “okay”, I guess?

    John – Not sure, but I love using the readership here for ideas and input, so you never know!

    Pat – A source on what, positions my cat slept in today? Haha.

  10. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    @ 4 to 5: I agree that the 2k series has a long way to go to catch up with EA. I DO play hockey games, and have been so sorely disappointed with 2k the past few years. For XBox/PS2, it was THE hockey game. But, credit EA (first time for everything). They made a game that more closely resembles the sport it portrays better than any other sports game available — though The Show is a close second.
    Bourne: If you need a video game geek that still throws in NHL 95 on the old Genesis, I’d be willing to give 2k11 a test run. I know the relationship may need a tester that inflates grades a bit, so, given my disdain for most things EA, I’d love to see a hockey game jump up and compete. Though I’d love to see the college game that has been rumored for 5 years. Hey, how else can I get the Gophs back into any conversation that doesn’t involve, “undersized-for-squirts defensemen” and “Will The Don stick around to get Mario the same undeserved PT that Lil’ T got?”

  11. Pat says:

    The possibility of Patrick Sharp being on the trade market has several teams excited. And according to USA Today/The Hockey News contributor Justin Bourne, the New York Islanders might be interested.

    Also, The Fourth Period’s Dennis Bernstein thinks the Los Angeles Kings might eventually inquire about Sharp if they strike out on Ilya Kovalchuk again.

    The asking price for Sharp will likely be draft picks and prospects, but all indications are that the Chicago Blackhawks really don’t want to trade Sharp. So they are likely exploring other options of getting under the cap while fielding a full roster.

    You’re a regular darren dreger now breaking stuff

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