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Attention Deficit Dis…



I wrote in an earlier blog that nobody scores from anywhere with a wrister like Ovechkin.  Nobody might have been a bit much.

Pavel Datsyuk, creator of aptly named breakaway move “the Datsyuk” (fake shot flinch - backhand toe drag – ridiculously open net puck deposit), snaps a pretty mean wrister past unscreened goalies with regularity as well, I’m impressed.  But his move is even more impressive:

I watched Tyler Haskins, now of the Sound Tigers, then of the Utah Grizzlies, try, practice, and master that last year, to the point where he was burying on it in actual games.  Faaaannnn-cy.

Here’s a valid question:  Has there ever been a show with a bigger gap between the quality of the actual program and the quality of the introductory theme music than “Entourage”? 

I got my girlfriend (Breezy F. Baby) hooked on it so we’ve been watching the seasons.  The whole show is full of hip hop and low-key beats; I can’t deal with that contrived awful faux-rock song.  I won’t waste your time by running it.

I picked up a couple other things as an Idaho Steelhead this year aside from a reconfigured jawline.  Both happened to be phrases I like

In hockey, especially on the powerplay, coaches always preach “don’t force it“.  Meaning, if there is a bunch of players between you and the player you want to pass the puck too, don’t try to force it through those six skates and three sticks; settle down and don’t try so hard.  Keeping it simple is plenty effective.  It’s amazing how versatile a phrase this is.

If somebody is driving a truck with flame decals, loud exhaust pipes and vanity plates, he’s forcin’ it.  If a buddy continues to swing and miss by telling weak jokes and hitting on anything in a skirt, he’s forcin’ it.   And just my opinion, but this is Pam Anderson forcin’ it.


I also like “dicey”.  It’s seriously underused for something that’s just on the edge isn’t it?  Expired milk is dicey.  Brian Engblom’s hair is diceyyy.  Calling the Snuggie an invention is diceyyyyy.  (Note:  the more dicey something is, the more I want you to drag out the “y”).

He’s kinda forcin’ it too.

Here is the transcript between two guys at the train station Friday night, yelled across the room:

Random Guy A: “Hey, I’m gonna grab something something for the train, you want anything to eat or drink?”

Random Guy B: “Yeah, um, sure…. I guess just something to drink, please.”

Random Guy A: “Alright, just like a Diet Snapple or something?”

Diet Snapple?

What sort of life are two friends leading that the assumed, general, most-likely beverage to grab would be a Diet Snapple?  Yeah, like we always do.  Actually wait, I’m hungry too, do they have apple sauce?

Do they even sell that at every little newspaper stand, is that a beverage it’s safe to assume is available?  I can’t stop laughing at the obscurity of picking that as the most likely thing to assume your friend would want.  Sure, or like a crystal Pepsi or an Orbitz, whatever they have.  Diet Snapple.



8 Responses to “Attention Deficit Dis…”
  1. Neil says:

    Orbitz, nice!

  2. SDC says:

    I could watch that Datsyuk clip a hundred times and still not be quite sure how he does it, or how I could do it myself.

  3. chase says:

    Have to disagree w/ the Jane’s Addiction chirp

  4. jtbourne says:

    Janes Addiction chirp?

  5. chase says:

    “superhero” theme song of entourage

  6. jtbourne says:

    It’s not awful as a song, it just doesn’t fit. The show is all hip hop and swagger… not quite feelin’ it.

  7. Bob D says:

    Bourney, is Engblom wearing a rug? WTF is going on with that ‘do? Looks like he combed it with brick or stood in ESPN’s wind tunnel with a wet head and just “let ‘er rip”. I’m thinking he might want to be reminded that denial is a river in Egypt. Go with the Scott Ford, down to the wood.

  8. Lizzie says:

    My dad and I have had so many conversations about how terrible Brian Engblom’s hair is that I fear, if he ever fixes it, our relationship will fall apart. (Just kidding, Dad and I talk about other things, too. But we do talk at length about that terrible hair EVERY TIME we see it.)

    Here I am, commenting on an old post because I can’t keep up with my google reader. I’ve done this here at least once before.

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