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April 18th in the NHL



(2) Capitals vs. (7) Rangers

Oooo boy, the Caps are in dilly of a pickle.

Lundqvist was dynamite tonight, and the Caps looked frustrated.  It’s tough to explain those games where you just can’t seem to get anything going – a testament to how the Rangers played defensively.  By no means did the Rangers outplay the Caps, but to take two games in a row in your opponents building… Wow.

The insanely skilled Caps look like they’re lacking a little touch of grit actually, though they’ve been all over the Rangers, and simply been stymied by Henrik

Or, maybe I have jinx power?  Hmm.  I think the Hurricanes will win the east.  The Capitals will dress Kozlov next game and play him more.  The Islanders will miss the playoffs next year.

(2) Celtics vs. (7) Bulls

Bulls 105 – Garnett-less Celts 103.  Hmm.  Oh yeah, and the Yankees are (tragically) down 20-2 in the fifth inning to Cleveland.

(1) Bruins vs (8) Habs

Boston is sucking the fun out of the series by being better than Montreal at hockey.

See, what happened tonight was, Boston kept passing the puck to each other, and then shooting it into Montreal’s net, which made it difficult for Montreal to get their turn with said puck.  Just a plain and simple rout.

Note from a friend: Who’s the worst superstar in the NHL?  Every NHL All-Star is lined up against the wall, and you and someone else are picking teams, who’s the last guy waiting to play?  His contention?  Marc Savard.

And he was close.  But after searching the roster, my only question is – what the mo is a Dustin Brown?  Honorable mention to Tomas Kaberle, Shane Doan, and which ever Stall it was.

(2) Detroit Redwings vs. (7) Columbus Tee-Times

Chris Osgood, on a similar theme to the above section, may have achieved the biggest differential between potential-for-success-based-on-ability and success-had.  I feel bad saying that, because he lives near me and I fear I’ll be defending this paragraph someday (because I’m sure he’s an avid reader) – but come on.  In which year of his career would have referred to him as one of the best in the league?  Maybe his statistics were top five for a few years, but a shooter-tutor would have shut the door behind some of those Redwings teams.

He played in the NHL during pinnacle of the defensive days, and on one of the best teams.  His numbers are really quite impressive, but what was his VORP (the baseball stat, Value Over Replacement Player, meaning if you took any replacement player and put him in that position, how much better is the player you have actually playing the position that that guy.  It’s a complicated stat, but you get the idea)?  It had to have been negative.

Oh, um, Detroit won tonight, by like, four.

(4) Hawks v (5) Flames

Heart-break hotel tonight for many-a Flames fans.  Man, those people were like Mosquito’s in Saskatchewan when they almost won a cup, clouds of them swarming every watering hole.  Can’t say I’ve seen too many Flames flags flying about lately.

It reminds me of the chart I saw month ago, about how people get their news now: Newspapers were going down, online was going up, and they intersected right around last year.  I feel like the Chicago Onlines may not be a ton better than the Calgary Newspapers yet, but it’s happening.


5 Responses to “April 18th in the NHL”
  1. Sally says:

    Dilly of a pickle! Dilly of a pickle! Lets go Rangers!

    (I’ve been celebrating! Can you tell?)

  2. JD says:

    Very interesting turn of events in D.C. Watching today got me thinking though, the Rangers are built for the playoffs. They are gritty, play well defesively, stick to a system, have a veteran lineup, and are great between the pipes. They don’t score goals but if they can get anything from their PP I think they can be a tough team to play. Not sure if you were watching the TSN feed but before the game they showed a stat that impressed me. – Chris Drury has 16 playoff GWG, 8th all-time.

  3. LETS GO RANGERS. Huh Justin? Only one line to deal with? I think not. Lundqvist is the MAN!

  4. Just Jeff says:

    I love you Justin, especially for trying to un-jinx the caps haha!

    I hope to god they pull Kozlov and put our team captain Chris Clark in instead..

    It will surely mix up the lines but we have the diversity in our forward players to work it out and the added grit will far offway the added PIM Kozlov is giving us.

    I’ve been reading your blogs since January and I appreciate everything you type.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Ha, yeah, they really proved me wrong with that 1-0 offensive outburst today. But I will give you the “the man” part!

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