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April 17th – Playoffs



I have a thousand things written down to talk about, but I’m gonna lose readers if I write a senior thesis on why Bill Guerin is good for Sidney Crosby, why it’s awesome that Bob Cole referenced the Van Damme hockey-related movie too, or why the call on Knuble was bull-shit.  Other thoughts:

(4) Pittsburgh vs. (5) Philly

Bill Guerin is awesone for Sidney Crosby.

Damnit.  I did it anyway.

Crosby mentioned how he feels like more a part of the team because Guerin makes fun of him just like the other guys.  And that was the point I was trying to make in my Guerin piece for Islanders Point Blank. 

Comrie was new, but Guerin was the first to break the ice with Lizzy McGuire jokes – floodgates open. Some teams never have that guy, and people start assuming topics are off-limits.  Before long, the dressing room feels stuffy.  The Yankees need to call CC Sabbathia fat, teammates need to call Sam Cassell E.T., and the Caps need to point out that Ovechkin is good at seemingly everything except being attractive.  It’s not meant to be hurtful – you find whatever you can in the dressing room, because as I’ve mentioned before, the best defense is a good offense.

Nobody’s flawless, so if your twenty teammates aren’t playfully pointing those flaws out, they don’t like you.  And thems the facts. 

Bob Cole says: “Bill Guerin is your hero, here in Pittsburgh…”

Glad the Isles got that burdensome salary off the payroll; he only scored 20 while playing with junior kids as linemates on the Isle.  Plus, he’s probably only the single best dressing room guy in the league.  Whatever.  I’ll get over it.  Look out for Pitt now…  Who wants their favourite team to draw them next?

(3) Devils vs. (6) Hartford

One of the teams won in overtime, apparently.  This is totally important, because the team that does that the most gets to play in the next round, get selected the underdog, then go on to beat some well covered/liked team and drain the interest from the conference final.  I’m eager to see who it is.



3 Responses to “April 17th – Playoffs”
  1. rm says:

    Hi Justin,
    Love the blog, the neufies, the hockey insight (and fairy-tale like romance), however, a nitpick.

    It is NOT Hartford. Acceptable (IMHO) alternative names:
    Carolina Carpetbaggers
    Carolina Whore-canes

    I grew up watching the New England and Hartford Whalers. It was a travesty when the Cup went into Nascar territory.

    Totally agree about Guerin. Best late season pick-up in the league and he just might get the Pens to the finals again.

  2. jtbourne says:

    I like what you’re doing there, only I need to chuck an “i” in there and make it the “Whori-canes”.

    Glad you like the newfies. Folks are in for it when hockey season ends, I’ve been writing down stupid BS that I’m dying to rail against, including people who say “ball” after bocci, and taking a poll to find out how many people sit on their phone while they drive so they don’t miss it vibrate, or if its just me and it’s totally gay.

    Be thankful it’s hockey season.

  3. Officer Koharski says:

    I like to wedge the phone under my leg. Putting it anywhere under your Glute is gay like Liberace at a scrapbook convention.

    I am totally rooting for Billy and the Pens. They tried putting other father types in there(Roberts, Recchi) but I think Guerin is the right guy for the job. He needs to make sure he gets us a third rounder, they’re gonna beat Philly in 5 I am gonna say.

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