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Aimed At You, Phoenix Fans



Let’s be clear on something Phoenix fans – I don’t dislike the Coyotes.  I keep saying they aren’t going to do well because I don’t think they’re going to do well.  I don’t like Carolina.  I think your team is bad.  There’s a difference.

I did my Power Rankings for USA Today… today… and I feel good about them.  I’ll link to the rest of my rankings tomorrow, but for today, I’ll just run my top ten teams:

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Colorado
  3. Washington
  4. New York Rangers
  5. Buffalo
  6. Calgary
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Chicago
  9. New Jersey
  10. Phoenix

Worth noting

* Philly dropped from second to out of my top ten this week.  5-3-1 in 9 games with a roster as impressive as theirs just continues to defy logic.  Why aren’t they better?

* Phoenix crept into my top ten.  I’m never quite sure if a power ranking is supposed to be “top ten seasons so far” or “top ten teams who’ll win the cup” or something totally different.  I tend to think its a reflection of the season to date, with a minor bias towards those teams with more promise.  And up til now, the Coyotes have had the tenth best season in the NHL (and of course, that’s judging them as a real team with no “…for the Coyotes” kicker.  I bet it feels good to shed that kicker with their good start).

* Both at 6-3 in nine games, I have New Jersey ahead of Phoenix because they’re 5-0-0 on the road. 1-3 at home sucks, but five road wins makes their season to date better.

* My top five has four Eastern Conference teams.  When you look at the records, it’s tough to argue – even though Buffalo has only played 8 times, it’s still impressive to only have one loss (6-1-1).

* How about some of the teams I thought would struggle in the West flying outta the gates?  Phoenix, LA, and Dallas all started surprisingly well.  Unfortunately, someone has to lose every time a game is played.  Watch for a trend towards reality in the coming weeks.

* I realize I have Washington high again.  They’re 6-2-2, and that “slight bias towards teams with promise” did it to me again.  If you were the GM of a team that was a goalie away from being a legit Cup threat, wouldn’t you be making calls around the league every day?  Twice a day?  TO EVERY TEAM?


 For hockey fans in Phoenix (and they do exist), coverage of your home boys isn’t great.  Actually, coverage of hockey period isn’t great.

I have good news.

Ahh.... I heart you CJ's

Ahh.... I heart you CJ's

Bourne’s Blog has a new sponsor.  In general, as I start adding more sponsors, I may have to lie to you.  “Oh, I really love using Glidden paint, and you should too”.  “When I score goals, I do it using Hammertime’s double-shafted lead sticks – it’s got a built-in cup holder!”.  But this one is no lie - Cactus Jack’s bar is awesome.

With more than 15 flat screens, the NHL package, TSN and CBC… if you wanna see a game covered at all, or better than Versus does it, it’s at 4747 Elliot Road by the Safeway in Ahwatukee.  Good food and cheap drinks.  And I mean cheap.  And though it’s not my cup of tea, they have three pool tables, Golden Tee, all the good bar staples.

So, here’s what I’m thinkin Phoenix fans.

You hate me.  That’s fine.  But lots of you hit my site everyday, I have that sort of technology that exposes you, believe it or not.

This Saturday, let’s go watch Hockey Night in Canada.  Let’s talk hockey.  Let’s hash this out.  I’m just trying to get a feel for this idea, so you can comment on here or write me an email, whatever.  My new sponsor wins, and I get to actually get to know you.  Thankfully, while drinking. 

How many of you would want to watch some hockey on a million-inch (give or take) with real commentators with me?  We’ll even put the Phoenix game on an adjacent TV, and I won’t make any smart-ass remarks (everyone who already knows me in person just spit water on their monitors).  You in?


11 Responses to “Aimed At You, Phoenix Fans”
  1. smoboy says:

    A bar in AZ that shows HNIC? I’ve gotta make a pilgrimage sometime this winter. Wonder how Grapes would go over.

  2. Neil says:

    “Unfortunately, someone has to lose every time a game is played. Watch for a trend towards reality in the coming weeks.” I think you are bang on there. I think the Av’s, Coyotes, and Kings all miss the dance again… The season is too long for their rosters, jmho.

    Have you ever noticed how hockey fans flip out on people who comment on their team even though they agree 100% with what the person is saying? Like if YOU say Phoenix is young but underpowered it must be because you are a huge a$$hole with unfair hatred of a great team, but when Phoenix starts losing games all these fans are going to be watching the games going “we have a lot of young talent but we’re underpowered”. I love my Canucks but I can handle people making valid or even semi-valid criticisms, the reaction you are getting from Phoenix fans suggests there is a big insecurity issue, which isn’t surprisinging considering what they have been put through in the last year.

    Seriously Bourne, PLEASE put up some pictures of you watching the games at Cactus Jack’s with some Coyotes fans.

  3. tjones says:

    Apparently there isn’t enough fans to even half fill the building in phoenix apparently there was less than 8000 people at the game on saturday. Lets just hope for the sake off the true hockey fans in arizona that the team keeps winning and the casual fan actual makes it out to watch a few games.

  4. tiggs says:

    I’m not surprised the Coyotes are doing as well as they are out of the gates. The grind of the season, however, will show that they really don’t have the firepower to win consistently in their conference. If they are keeping this pace come Christmas, then I think they will have a slight chance at the 8 spot in the west.

  5. Nick says:

    put the canucks in there or i’ll bomb your home.

  6. jtbourne says:

    Hahaha, Lowsie, I love it.

  7. Sally says:

    Thanks for putting my boys at 4 and 5! Now what can you do about getting some puppies or kittens up here? It’s been a while.

  8. JustJeff says:

    This time next year I’m moving to seattle… I already plan on driving from DC to Denver/ Boulder to San Diego, and then up north…

    Thinking I’d love to make a pit stop in Phoenix to watch a game with you at that bar…. or the (silly name) Arena!
    I wish I lived there… Quality hockey every night for dirt cheap? reminds me of the cap’s from ’06-’08 before they made the playoffs… (quality might be debatable in the early case of my example!)
    I really hope that Phoenix continues to be successful and that the fan base might key in on how great the game is… A renaissance there like we had in DC would be wonderful. (the fact that I have Bryzgalov in 2 of my 3 fantasy teams doesn’t hurt either…)

    About you’re ranking of the Capitals… I think its pretty fair…

    comparing this year to last year…
    09-10 08-09
    Record 6-2-2 5-4-1
    Points 14 11
    Goals For / Game 3.60 3.10
    Goals Against / Game 2.90 3.30
    Power Play 8.48 (16.7%) 8/50(16.0%)
    Penalty Kill 41/49(83.7%) 48/60(80.0%)

    H/T Peerless Prognosticator for the stats…

    Considering where the way they turned it around last year and the fact that Semin has missed several games already (shocker!) I’m sure things will get better… especially if they can finally unload Nylander…

    Keep on Keepin’ on Justin… You’ve inspired me to start buying USA today along with my Washington post/times and I’ve enjoyed reading more national and less (ew Redskins) local.

  9. zyllyx says:

    Not sure why my fellow Phoenix fans “hate” you. Reality bites sometimes. Cactus Jack’s is a bit of a hike for me and since I’m a STH I’m usually busy most Saturdays, but give me a Saturday without a home game and I’ll make the hike out for HNIC. We can even sing the theme song. We’ll turn Cactus Jack’s into a sort of desert Hoser Hut.

  10. jtbourne says:

    Ahhhh, there is a home game, right. Crappola. Well, we’ll have to do it a different night. It certainly doesn’t have to be a Saturday. Hockey can be turned on on their tv’s allll week. But that’d be fun. The Hoser Hut (it is owned by hoser’s maybe they’ll change the name) is great.

  11. GBCK says:

    Priceless Lowser Beam… Priceless

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