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Get Fuzzy




My only real though from last nights game was how much I wanted to punchisize Patrick Kane’s face for free after his celebration on his goal.  The kid has one assist and is dash seven in the third period of game four, scores, and proceeds to one knee pump, hand on the ice, past his teammates and the Wings bench like he’s unstoppable.  If I were a pitcher I’d bean him the next time he came to the plate.

So, I’m sporting a fairly average playoff prediction record of 9-5 so far.  I was sitting decent until a 1-3 second round (If the Bruins score in overtime I’m a much prettier 10-4, so that didn’t lessen my interest in caning the Canes).  Regardless, I need to nail the final, so I’m gonna take a few days thinkin’ on that.

The Wings got out in five, which is great because we’re probably going to have two fairly healthy teams heading into the finals.  I realize five or six days doesn’t heal torn ligaments and broken bones, but in hockey terms, it’ll give the training staff the time they need to get those guys in playing condition.  Cortisone for everyone!

And, I have more good news.  This’ll be the first time since my blog readership is respectable that I’ve done this, so um, you new readers… bear with me, and enjoy a quick dose of fuzzy cuteness (“bulldog puppies” still leads the daily searches on my site with alarming consistency).

First, I think it’s amazing that sausages with eyes are a naturally occuring species in nature:



In a stunning upset, the mini-frazzled chick loses a nose to nose cute off with a St. Bernard:

frazzled chick


And last, I just wanna put him in my pocket and pet him and squeeze him like Lenny in Of Mice and Men.



Cute, right?  As a disclaimer, I swear to God I’m into girls.

Anyways, I’ve been neglectful of my work, I’ve got to get some stuff done for this years Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp (still spots available), and write some real estate copy.  Yipeeeeee…  Enjoy the hockey sabbatical folks, we’ve got a great final on the horizon!


7 Responses to “Get Fuzzy”
  1. Paul says:

    “punchisize Patrick Kane’s face for free after his celebration on his goal”

    Um, are you drinking a ‘liter of cola’ after this and driving off in your $10 million car Farva?

  2. Sally says:

    Thaaank yooooouuuuu!!!

  3. pat says:

    DUDE I’M WORRIED !!!!!!!!

  4. megkath says:

    yes! the fuzzy cuteness returns!

  5. Travelchic59 says:

    Just catching up after a few days away myself. Loved your tale of airport headaches. I’ve just been through one myself. I really could write a book.

    Congrats to Bri on her job offer. Hope your Coyotes deal goes through, too.

    So glad the Cup finals have been moved to Saturday. Can’t imagine waiting a week to play. The NHL finally did something right.

    Love the cute and fluffy pics. The bunny is precious.

  6. jtbourne says:

    Heyyy, someone got the reference! Point for you.

  7. rm says:

    Bulldogs? How are they in the “dry heat” of Arizona? My brother lives in FL and he has a pug, and the pug has a hard time breathing down here (barely makes in through a 15 minute walk in nice 70 degree weather). Despite what my niece and nephew say, I don’t think their pug would make the cut for your “warm and fuzzy” list.

    My weakness are hounds and hound mixes. I’m a regular browser of the animal shelter sites. I need a house/yard before I can get (hound) dog #2.

    Congrats to Bri on the job and happy house hunting. Maybe your gig writing real estate ads will give you the inside scoop on the lingo and what “charming 2 bedroom love nest” really means in real estate lingo.

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