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Vancouver’s Pride, 5 Compelling Storylines Heading Into Tonight



New Puck Daddy: Five things that make tonight’s Bruins/Lightning game compelling, must-watch stuff


I’ve been meaning to put this up for like…. I dunno, a few days now.  My boy Jeremy Brown (who’s great on twitter, by the way, follow him here) is the gent who directed this Tupelo Honey video (he also looks like the bearded fella in the video).  If you like it as I do, feel free to let the guy know.  If you don’t, well, just keep that to yourself.


 Good stuff.


Speaking of Vancouver (wait, I wasn’t?), if you haven’t seen the two videos of Yaletown when Kesler tipped in the goal to tie the game (and when Bieksa scored), than that’s a must too, I got chills.  Here’s the link to the Puck Daddy story, and here are the videos.

Kesler’s goal:

And Bieksa’s:


I got a great phone call from my Boston-born-and-raised brother in law this morning, already in a near-panic over tonight’s Bruins game – turns out Bruins fans aren’t huge fans of Kaberle so far?  …..Yeah that was an understatement.

Man – how can an NHL all-star underachieve so badly (I guess it’s someone like me who’s supposed to have an answer to that, but I don’t)?  His play has been a little better over the past game or two, but overall, it really hasn’t been great. 

The only thing I’d disagree with most people on: it hasn’t been particularly awful either (aside from one egregious turnover).

The thing is, when he doesn’t put up the points it’s easy to think he’s been worse than he has – he’s never been a shooter, so when the pressure mounts and he passes up open looks it’s easy to think he’s doing that because he’s timid, when really he’s always done that.  And actually, his corsi is one of the higher on the teams (corsi is basically plus/minus but for generating shots instead of actual goals).

So he can still redeem himself.  Maybe tonight will be his night.


Join me and the crew over at Puck Daddy for some game seven chat tonight.  Should be a doozy!


6 Responses to “Vancouver’s Pride, 5 Compelling Storylines Heading Into Tonight”
  1. Sherry says:

    Two (full) beards – which one (didn’t go to the link)?

    Great work on the PD piece JB – I am now truly jacked up for the game as well! I really think you captured the spirit of the thing. I usually watch games recorded, but may have to go more real time tonight in order to check in on the PD chat (cocktail hour can be done in front of the TV, right? :) )

    I have been rooting for the Bruins, and still am (especially after that after-the-game-drum-throwing-bullshit in Tampa), but think I’ll root for either TB or B over the Canucks (however, gotta love that vid of the city! Hmmmm….). Let’s hope the game is everything we expect tonight, and more – and that the refs, or Horton, don’t play an inordinately large role in the outcome.

    Go Bs!!

  2. Neil C. says:

    Vancouver went crazy after those goals, it was great. People are so used to the tragic defeat in the playoffs despite having a good team, and there is this euphoric sense of disbelief when they win a series deep in the playoffs.

    I agree Bourne, I don’t think Karberle has been THAT bad, he definitely has a pretty laid back style that doesn’t look good in the playoffs. He doesn’t shoot the puck enough but like you said, that’s never really been his game. Maybe the expectations for him were a bit high?

    Jeremy actually directed the video, btw!

    Sherry, I can understand cheering for Boston over Vancouver, fair enough. But TAMPA!? Don’t get me wrong, I like the players and Stevey Y is the man, but geez… if you’d asked them in March, 90% of that city wouldn’t know they had won a Stanley Cup and 75% wouldn’t know what the Stanley Cup is. ;)

  3. Sherry says:

    Or how to beat, much less throw, a stupid drum thingy! And I still haven’t gotten over the sting of them beating my Pens – wah!

    OK Bs – win tonight dammit, so I don’t have any Final’s dissonance!

  4. dtakaki says:

    I’m trying to remember the last time a big name player came over at the deadline and made an immediate impact on his team and played like the player that they hoped to get… or better. I recall Stempniak took off when he went to Phoenix last year.. but wasn’t that big in the playoffs (and he doesn’t really fit the big name player title). The only other guy I can think of was Larry Murphy back in ’97 who was booed out of Toronto and won the cup as a top four pairing in Detroit. Mostly it turns out that they struggle and then move on the next year as UFA’s. Anyone think of anyone who made an impact?

  5. Lowserbeam says:

    Bournie… the city went nuts… this is so much fun. Took me 45 minutes to walk what normally takes me 10 because everyone I passed either high fived me or hugged me.

  6. Glen E. says:

    The next two weeks will be a life sentence of sorts in the Okanagan, especially as a Bruins fan. While playing shinny in Saskatchewan growing up, we’d pretend we were Bobby Orr. And the Canadian who had the most impact against the Russians in ’72 was Phil Esposito. Who’d he play his best hockey for? Boston. And how about Gerru Cheevers’ mask? Really, was there anybody on those frozen ponds back in the day who’d pick up the sponge puck behind the net and talk to themselves, like: “Now then Kurtenbach, he steps out from behind the net and moves the puck over to Kearns, who head mans it to Boudrias. He dishes to Maki, he shoots, he scores!” Uh…I think not. Go Bruins…

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