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An Update

Howdy friends!

Sorry about disappearing there for oh, a hot month or so. It’s been a remarkably busy summer here. We put on the fantasy camp, I’m starting a new job (more on that later), I’m getting married (more on that much, much later), we “built” an office in our apartment after deciding not to move (wait til you see a picture – we turned about 12 square feet in a badass set-up w/ a TV), and are planning a honeymoon. Also, we’ve been working and trying to get in shape.

Again, busy.

All of this settles down the second we get back from our honeymoon September 27th. Then the new job starts October 1st – the good news: I will be literally writing 400% more posts. (Up from 5 to 20 a week. If you count BB, up from 10 to 20 a week, soo….hockey!). I’ll reveal the details a little further when I’m allowed to.

My dear old Dad will be staying at our condo while we’re gone (flying back to NY for wedding, back here right after) to keep Tyson and Jiggs company and oh yeah to have a free place to stay in Phoenix in late September. So we appreciate that.

When I return to work in October, this site will still be used on occasion, I think. It will just return to it’s original form, a personal blog where I write about stand-up comedy and news and thoughts and cats and all that other bullshit. I’m looking forward to not feeling like I have to comment on hockey here. Plus, 20 posts a week might leave me a little dry of anything original to say.

But until then, it will remain relatively dormant.

Hope your summer is going well – follow me at @jtbourne on twitter, and let’s catch up!