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Help The Islanders

I’m in Santa Cruz with Easton, then flying to Kelowna, so I’m too busy right now to do better than this but….please, join in.

Column: Five Goal Scoring Tips


Hey gang. Wednesday’s work should be up on HPT soon, here’s….

New Puck Daddy: 5 goal scoring tips. Hope you like it!

Stick Stylings and Summer Workouts


New Puck Daddy X2: How I prepare my stick (I think I wrote about that once for Bourne’s Blog years ago too, shh), and the progression of summer workouts. Hope you like ‘em.

Bourne, Man of Infrequent Posts


Howdy friends.

Just a quick note for ya here: it’s been a battle to try to get back this blog and write something after resuming the work with the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp and taking on new work with Easton. I truly apologize for the sporadic nature of posts, and at some point they may get back to a measure of consistency, but I just can’t be sure when.

I’d be forcing it, and that’s not fun nor necessary for me.

Everytime I get the bug, I’ll be back! For now, I’ll probably just be linking to my daily posts.

This blog has taken me to somewhere I never thought I could go (steady employment!), so it’s not going to go anywhere except on the back burner. Think of Chris Jones’ “Son of Bold Venture” where he posts a few times a month. It’ll probably end up being more like that when it comes to real, legit posts. Especially during the off-season.

Thanks so, so, so effing much to all of you who’ve helped me get the opportunities I have now, I can’t say enough about how fun this has been so far. Follow me on twitter, and I’ll be sure to let you know every time I drop a real post on Bourne’s Blog! Thanks,


Jiggsy at eight frickin' months.

{By the way, that sounded like a eulogy…it wasn’t. Just wanted to let you know the days I do write will be less common than the ones I don’t. Get it, got it, good.}

Are The Flyers Better? Should They Have Made Those Trades?


Well hey, remember me? It’s been awhile folks, and for that, I apologize.

Since we last talked (I think when Dubya was still in office), a few things have happened during the NHL’s off-season.

I don’t remember exactly what, but I’m pretty sure the Florida Panthers hired some actual NHL players, the Philadelphia Flyers had some grenades explode in the middle of their dressing room, and the Sabres found their long-misplaced wallet.

Crazy stuff.

Since there’s not a ton of news in the hockey world these days, let’s talk about those things, one at a time, of the course of this week. Started with the most compelling story….

These are not your grand-pappy’s Flyers

Actually, that header for this section sucked. These aren’t even your Flyers from last season. I’ll save the full overview paragraph, because by now you know the gist of what happened, so…Cole’s Notes: cornerstone guys that would ensure the Flyers would always be at least playoff-level-good Mike Richards and Jeff Carter got traded for a whole bunch of “yeah that guy’s pretty good’s” and the right to overpay a very good goaltender in Ilya Bryzgalov.

Oh, and they signed Jaromir Jagr.

…Wait, what? Seriously? Hm.

Maybe he wasn't the most lovable guy, who knows?

Anyway, the team has gone from the decades-long philosophy of ”if your team is good enough, you just need a living goaltender to win” to “goaltending is obviously the most important position on the ice.”

Here’s an uncommon opinion: I don’t hate what they did.

Detractors of the trade will cite that they were in the Stanley Cup Finals just a couple years back with a similar looking team, and that’s fair. But let’s keep in mind it’s not like they mowed through a Conference that they were clearly the best team in. They just got hot at the right time, as teams occasionally do.

The picture going forward for this team, is that they have to get by some mighty fine teams at the top of their conference, and they didn’t feel like what they had was going to be able to do it.

Philly never seemed to be able to get past the big moments in the past (save for the comeback against the Krejci-less Bruins). Something was just…off. Whether it was in the dressing room or on the ice, there was something missing…. They always just seemed good, yet rarely great.

If that’s how they felt in the front office, which they clearly did, I’m okay with them heading in a new direction.

I don’t think there are many people out there making the case that they won’t be good next year, it’s just a matter of if they’ll be better or not. They’re still well-stocked up front, on defense, and finally, in the net. The past two Stanley Cup champions have relied heavily on depth throughout playoffs, and I think they got better in that regard.

They still have enough play-makers to score, and in the dressing room….sometimes too many cooks spoil the broth when it comes to leadership. Whether the guys like him or not, having less people that’ll openly resist Chris Pronger’s occasionally overbearing form of it is a good thing. He’s dragged teams to the Final before, and he can do it again.

You can’t really know until you see them play but I’m curious…what do you think?

Column: A Fresh Start With A New Team Can Rejuvenate A Career


New Puck Daddy: how a fresh start with a new team can rejuvenate a player’s career (Puck Daddy)


Since July 1st I’ve been spending my days learning more about a job of mine that’s recently changed. I know the posts have been infrequent, so thanks for your patience. I will keep everyone in the loop, of course, and it won’t hinder my ability to actually blog once I get the hang of it. Hope everyone (in the US) had a great long weekend!

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